Fascination Street

The most ridiculous fear in life is the fear of being ridiculous

Year review

Coming up next.. in the mornin` maybe.. Just have a few ideas to point around here. Man, this has been a hell of a year ! Gone sleepin`, be back `morrow with a fresh mind ( riiight ).Hell of a ‘tomorrow’ I had.. Well, the year review will be made next year, since now is […]

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Caught up

Something I can`t explain is happenin`. Anxiety, twisted mind, loosin` control, this got control over me. Something turned the tables around. Usher really sings it, really plays it, but this is too much. I get in a cab.. Usher. I turn on the TV.. Usher.. I open my Winamp.. Usher. Weird.. knowin` what it is […]

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Lost, hurt, tired and lonely

Ok.. I`ve chilled.. sortta`. The music`s still bangin` in my head. Sleepy. Vewy vewy sleepy. There`s absolutely no way I can get out of the house and it hurts like hell. ‘Where do I go from here ? I gotta beat this city.’ Yea` right, mess with the best, die like the rest. Ok, fine, […]

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‘ Lousy Christmas and a crappy New Year ! ‘

Christmas Eve.. Guess where I`m at ? Home. HOME ! Man I have this gift to phuck up everything.. lyin`. I think I need a ‘shrinc’. I really wanted to go with my classmates tonight.. phuck it, why ? Why me ? :( I`m listenin` to music really loud. Really really loud.. I feel like […]

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Big night comin`

Can`t sleep.. I guess I`m nervous about the night that`s comin`. Why ? Because I had to choose between myself and my age. Stupid, I know. :) Age was the one. Even more stupid.Man, I can`t believe what I`m able to listen in the middle of the winter. A fairy tale atmosphere outside, all covered […]

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I`m up, I`m up..

Damn, I`m on vacation and I can`t believe I`m wakin` up at this hour. I should be sleepin` my ass out. Ok, I admit, the phone rang and so I woke up. :) Too sleepy to write anything deep now.. I`m just glad I can post around here whenever I want.

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