Big night comin`

Can`t sleep.. I guess I`m nervous about the night that`s comin`. Why ? Because I had to choose between myself and my age. Stupid, I know. :) Age was the one. Even more stupid.
Man, I can`t believe what I`m able to listen in the middle of the winter. A fairy tale atmosphere outside, all covered in white, and here I am, playin` Santana – Smooth (Chris Staropoli Club Remix). Normal people listen to carols this time of the year.. one more proof that I`m waaaay gone.. :))
Ahahahahahahaha.. I`ve been laughin` my brains out today.. I`ve watched the news on TV and there was some kind of special Christmas edition or something. They`ve presented our new president, Basescu, at the Cotroceni Palace, a bunch of children singin` carols to him and some others that came with another Romanian traditional custom, called ‘capra’ ( the goat ). Well.. he can`t get any more abnormal.. : “You`re late. ‘Tzapu`’ ( male-goat ) was here about 8 years ago.” Aaaahahahahahaha.. :))))))))) I`m still laughin`. :))
I`m lookin` at my pink socks. Yea`, pink ! Don`t laugh. Why am I lookin` at `m ? Why in the phuckin` world am I not sleepin` ? I`ll meet my colleagues `morrow.. I mean today.. see them all together for probably.. the last time. Hmpf :/. Don`t know how I got to care for `m this much. Don`t know what to expect. Don`t know what`s gonna come. I only know I can control it. :) I`ve got everything in my hands, it all depends on me now, on what I want.. and I can desire anything, it`ll still be ok.. if I`m smart. :)
The year`s powerfully ending. I`m gonna be 18. Oh no.

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