Caught up

Something I can`t explain is happenin`. Anxiety, twisted mind, loosin` control, this got control over me. Something turned the tables around.
Usher really sings it, really plays it, but this is too much. I get in a cab.. Usher. I turn on the TV.. Usher.. I open my Winamp.. Usher. Weird.. knowin` what it is and doin` nothin` about it. I`m still wonderin`.. why does that memory last.. ? All those flashbacks, the music, the dance, the moves, the touch, the looks, the breath and.. uhm, everything else. :) Somewhere, something went terribly wrong. Human mind is a wonderful temple of light and darkness. Mine`s plain wierd. Wish I could say this is just a state of mind, a happening that will get lost in the mist. ‘We drift deeper into the sound, life goes on, so bring it on’. Should I bring it on ? Bring WHAT on ? :-S Oh, I need to visit a disco more often than I did in the past one year and a half.. uhm.. a little more often than not even once. :) And one more thing, I need to sing. I can`t wait to be all alone in the house to be able to sing my ass out with the music really loud. This rhythm makes me choke, doesn`t let me breathe, it runs through my veins and it burns all my insides.
Special Saturday. Not a wise one, but a special one, that`s worth the patience, the struggle to stay away from physical contact.
Wish I could hear from Teo.. :/

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