Fascination Street

The most ridiculous fear in life is the fear of being ridiculous

Memories` weekend

Sounds strange, I know, but I`ve been remembering shits all weekend. An unusual state of melancholia overwhelmed me when I was sittin` in the kitchen, havin` lunch, hearnin` my mom laughin` about something, just like my grandma` used to, my mother`s mom. :) She died four years ago, on Mother`s Day eve, but I still […]

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I wanna do no wrong, I simply wanna move on, going.. even if no one seems to care. I`m here to care about myself. The post will come whenever I get my new monitor. :) I can`t write in front of this one anymore, my thoughts are washed away by the shades of pink it […]

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Don`t even know how to start or how to express this so that I can make myself clear. It`s.. hard. Definitely. Sometimes too hard to describe it in words. Hard to tell the differences between two highschools ? Mno.. Hard to start a new beginnin` ? Not even close. It`s hard to put something behind […]

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[ Subject filling contest ? ]

You are NOT boring. :) Right ! You ain`t. I never wanna hear you sayin` that. Why ? `Coz I don`t have this thing about elves. :) I like humans better. And you`re human, yes you are, you`re too human sometimes. You`re wanted. You`re needed as well. Where would I be now without you ? […]

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‘ Ling-Ling, you forgot your bling-bling ! ‘

I have to say.. that was the most stupid and the funniest line I ever heard in a movie. :)))))) It`s from ‘Hot Chick’ and it really made my day when I first heard it.. quite unexpectable for I didn`t even got excited when the movie started. I said to myself ‘oh, just another stupid […]

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