‘ Ling-Ling, you forgot your bling-bling ! ‘

I have to say.. that was the most stupid and the funniest line I ever heard in a movie. :)))))) It`s from ‘Hot Chick’ and it really made my day when I first heard it.. quite unexpectable for I didn`t even got excited when the movie started. I said to myself ‘oh, just another stupid teenagers movie’.. aaaand so it was, but that line and the way it was told was astonishing. :))))))) Still laughin` about it.. :))))
Status : N E E D I N G M O N E Y ! ! ! Freakin` hate this shit, can`t sell the fridge I won for Christmas on the beer promotion. The last solution is to post an announce in a local newspaper, so that I can get those money to buy a new monitor, add some memory to my PC and get a new CPU for someone special. :)
Hm, I need to assamble some full discographies.. like Delerium, DJ Tiesto, BT and the list can go on. Also, I truly need some movies that wander the cinemas at the moment. All in all, I don`t dare to think about that.. my writer`s down, my account for blank CDs the same.. :) Young, restless, empty-pocketed. Is there such a word in English ? ‘Pocketed’. Man, this is worse than ‘somewhen’. :)) Pocket-empty ? Hell knows. :)

Today I felt empty. Not ‘pocketed’ this time, just.. empty. The wierdest feeling ever. Just had a few moments in which I couldn`t find myself.. can`t describe it in words. It was like floating around above nothingness, feeling absolutely.. nothing. Didn`t know who I was, where I`m goin` or where I was. Cool, huh ? ‘As long as you don`t know where you`re goin`, you can`t get lost’. I once said that, now I realise that`s such a piece of shit. Anyway, the struggle was won and my soul finally came back where it belonged. Damn, it`s like I can`t live without problems and stress ? Or is it that I do have problems and I just accept them, without any struggle to do something, like I did `till now. Didn`t even got nervous when my parents told me I had to come back until 10 o`clock in the evening. Why ? It didn`t move a fibre inside me.. no blood rushing through my veins, no hard-feelings, no desperate thoughts about me growin` up and be on my own, makin` my own decisions. What the phuck happened ? That`s so.. not me. :/ Now that I think of it, it makes me sad, not nervous like it did `till now. I guess I`m just startin` to be.. a better person ? What am I sayin` ? Bein` ok with others, even if those others are my folks, doesn`t make me a good person. Now I realise.. this really gets me down. What should I do about this ? This has got to change. I wanna get back to.. bad old me.. :) Maybe I`m just tired of fighting.. maybe changing highschools provides a feeling of comfort that.. Dammit, I can`t believe this is me talkin`. Sad. Really sad. :/

P.S. Won`t review last year, the only good thing that happened was meetin` my colleagues.. Well, ex-colleagues. Sad about that too. :/ There`s only one.. something that makes me smile. Or.. that only someone. :)

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