[ Subject filling contest ? ]

You are NOT boring. :) Right ! You ain`t. I never wanna hear you sayin` that.
Why ? `Coz I don`t have this thing about elves. :) I like humans better. And you`re human, yes you are, you`re too human sometimes. You`re wanted. You`re needed as well. Where would I be now without you ? :) In some mentally-diseased hospital.. oh yea`, there. So don`t let your devilish imagination pass the ‘it`s only you, you`re obsessed with this, cut it out’. No. It should remain there and go away on the other side. On the ‘she loves you’ side. `Coz she does. She never did for anyone as she does for you. Trust your heart. It doesn`t lie, not now. The mind can trick you here. And even if I`m blonde.. YOU ( of course you, triple S :) ) are the only one that makes my hair color look good. :) YOU, silly, you make my life, there is no life without you. YOU, sissy :))), you spin my world. It`s all about you, Suz`. :)

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