I wanna do no wrong, I simply wanna move on, going.. even if no one seems to care. I`m here to care about myself. The post will come whenever I get my new monitor. :) I can`t write in front of this one anymore, my thoughts are washed away by the shades of pink it reflects.. :))
Aaaaaand.. I phuckin` have a new monitor !!! It`s a Philips, a brahn new one, and I like it A LOT. I can still see some stripes, but I`m sure it`s all about the settings which I`ll discover `morrow, hopefully.
Changed my XP Theme ( yea`, I can allow now the luxury to change it :) ). It`s not the characteristical blue one that XP has, it`s called Royale Theme, and yes, it`s still blue, but with white lineage.. much more.. aqua. :) It doesn`t pile up your eyeshot as much as the full blue theme does. Everyone should try it. Soon, I`ll change the color of almost everything on my computer, tryin` to get rid of white, particularly. :)
Wheeeeeeeeee, just arrived home. Lovely atmosphere outside, the snow is fabulous. I was out with the four lunatics.. well, three lunatics and the ‘phupha’. Mno, no, no.. only two lunatics.. and ex-lunatic and phupha, of course. Cristi came with a termos full of hot wine, and so we had to drink it on the top of the hill, pelting ourselves with snowballs and laughin` our asses out. No, I didn`t got drunk, even if you can`t tell after the attitude.. :))) The hill was covered in snow and ice, so Cristi tried to ride his plastic mesh down it, which was a BAD IDEA! Still laughin` when I remember. :))))) So, imagine this. Cristi speeding down the hill, me, a little below, tryin` to keep myself standing, as we all know I only have left legs, a yell and after that.. a BOOM. :))))) The moda`phucker collapsed on me, he just reapped me like you reap the wheat, I fell down and hurt my head quite bad. The rest were laughin` their brains off, they couldn`t even breathe, feelin` sorry they didn`t record this. Phunny.. hah. :) I`ll try to post some pictures from this night in the following days.
Recently saw ‘Alexander’ ( the gay ) – now I think we all understand how that appeared. :) Great movie, a lot better than Troy. Oliver Stone did an impressive job.. the movie`s realistic and absolutely gorgeous. Liked it a lot, I truly appreciate the director`s interpretation.
Soooo.. on the other hand, things have two sides. ‘Two sides to every story’.. :) My professional life is going well, I have no problems at school, not with the grades at least. Sanitary is easy, seems like a joke vis a vis Papiu. :)) On the other side, my social life is.. wacked ! Realised I`m livin` in this comunity filled with selfish and possessive people and I`m like ‘Welcome to Ego-Land!’. Everyone fights for himself, no one cares what the other is doin`, or at least not until he/she gets in somebody`s way. I was really surprised about the attitude of The Chief. Ok, don`t actually know him, can`t possibly understand his way of thinkin`, but that shit really didn`t fit in its place. :/ Andrei Morar is cool, on the other hand. :) He`s got brains, but that`s all I can say for now. Tact is everything, I`m movin` like a feline towards its pray. This is only the middle of the third week I`m in that class, I`ll pull some strings and finally manage to win some trust amongst them. :)
Teo`s birthday is approaching, as well as Cosmin`s.. and then the phuckin` Valentine`s is comin`. :/ Depressive about that part of my life. More than depressive.
Sleep time. About time.

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