Fascination Street

The most ridiculous fear in life is the fear of being ridiculous

My first picture :)

He said this is supposed to be my pink fluffy laptop. I don`t agree. :P I can`t understand men nowadays. Why are they asociating blondes with pink ? I really can`t figure that one out, I probably need some guidance. :) Ah, you`ll have to excuse him, he`s a duck. :))))))))

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… is out !

NEWS : DJ Tiesto`s In Search Of Sunrise 4 is out baby ! Oooh yes ! It was probably out for a long time, but I didn`t know about it. Now it appeared on Goldesel and I`m downloading it. I`ve seen the tracklist, it`s worth it !

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Kidnapped in Iraq

As we all know by now, three Romanian journalists have been kidnapped in Baghdad, Iraq : Marrie Jeanne Ion, Sorin Miscoci and Ovidiu Ohanesian, along with their Americano-Arabian-Romanian guide.. The first group of kidnappers wasn`t a very serious one, as the Romanian press said. Huge mistake. I say they just made fun of them, so […]

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Having phun lately

Too much fun, that is, if you look on the compromised side of my life right now : the fact that I`ve gotta make it at maths. Well, anyway, yesterday everyone was in laughing moods. So many subtle facts ( or sometimes not that subtle ), so much laughing ( `till tears were brought in […]

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Lovely Sunday

:D :))))) =)))) Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan I`m feelin` happy.. :)))))) I wanna laugh and dance and run around like crazy ! Yea`, I had a great day ! GREAT ! First, I went shopping with my folks ( gotta say I usually hate shopping ) and I didn`t got annoyed ! My mom even told me she […]

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This is bad..

I once again must say that the human brain and its tricks truly amaze me. I`ve been goin` through a severe agony in the past months.. no. Love`s an agony itself, so it must be going on for a.. long time. :) So, there were my heart and brain fighting, one more stubborn than the […]

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About people

Hi, I`m almost 18. Almost an adult and I roughly know a damn thing about how this world works, about the people. I never said I was smart, but at least I thought I was people-smart.. and I am….. more like an intruder in that definition, but I`m so.. softhearted with myself that I forgive […]

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Hmyea`, I`m the one that`s down due to the latest events. I think I`ve got some tension problems, my ears just seem to whistle more and more often, and when I`m drinkin` Pepsi and eatin` chocolate it`s like the world is ending : my heart beats extremely fast and unorganized. I think I could have […]

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