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Hi, I`m almost 18. Almost an adult and I roughly know a damn thing about how this world works, about the people. I never said I was smart, but at least I thought I was people-smart.. and I am….. more like an intruder in that definition, but I`m so.. softhearted with myself that I forgive me. :P Shit, I`m acting like a total teenage ‘dirtbag’, which indulges herself over limit.
What am I, actually ? Trapped. I`m trapped. Trapped in this world that can`t stop and think about the reason why it is moving, the reason for which it exists. I wish everything could stop for a minute, only a minute, brainwashing all the worries, the sorrows, the anger.. and let human minds think about themselves and everybody else. Especially everybody else. C`mon, people ! I can`t believe this.
Awful day today, and I find this incredibly frustrating, me writing it down on the computer, on this page where probably no one will ever read it. Sometimes, I wish I could speak all the languages and talk to everyone on this planet. :) This is childish ! Only a kid dreams about saving the world. But what in the world can I do ? Even Superman died, so.. hmpf.
So, day review : my mom seems to be yelling at me for any reason ( if she doesn`t have one, she creates an imaginary one so that she can hear herself shouting ). My colleagues piss me off with their laziness, stupidity and their ridiculous ideas about the fact that they live an incredibly rough life at that highschool. My formmaster is so stupid she can`t even speak Romanian or calculate 30 + 1, but she has the hypocrisy to play the role of a good formmaster, to chide us about failling to get a stupid lousy 5 at school, especially math ( not me in particular, but indirectly I know she was reffering to me.. the bitch, she doesn`t even know me, but I have an X written on my forehead.. ). Moving on with my day, the duck working when all I needed was some ‘you`re gonna do it at maths, no summer stress for you, miss’.. And lastly, we analysed Alex, the one and only Animal, call him however you wish.. and we got to the conclusion he`s using us : me, _ADI_, adim.. not Cristi.. Cristi isn`t stupid, he ‘smells’ people and he tells everyone to their faces everything that passes through his head. :) All in all.. I AM GOING UUUUUNDEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRR.. :) Pfffff, this ain`t living. I`m not gonna make it at maths.. and that`s gonna suck.. entirely.
I can`t judge people. I just can`t. Calling somebody ‘stupid’ won`t make me smarter. Saying somebody doesn`t care won`t make them care more. This is how life goes. You`re lonely, but never alone. Even that shouldn`t turn us into hypocrits ( my formmaster ), coaxes ( Animal ) or unscrupulous fighters ( well, me.. :/ ).
Oh and uhm.. some other thing I`ve learnt about people.. they never change entirely. They try to, but for impressively good reasons. A few make it, but you never know when they go back to what they were before.
Humanity.. weird exposure to everything.

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  1. So is Orlando. Ain`t that a bitch ? Tried to commment on your blog. Couldn`t, of course. Well, only wanted to say.. I don`t know what to say. I don`t. But hey, no news is good news, isn`t it ? Hmyea`, g`night.

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