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Lovely Sunday

:D :))))) =)))) Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan I`m feelin` happy.. :))))))
I wanna laugh and dance and run around like crazy !
Yea`, I had a great day ! GREAT ! First, I went shopping with my folks ( gotta say I usually hate shopping ) and I didn`t got annoyed ! My mom even told me she felt like we were close again, like I`m not that wild like I used to be ( yea` right :D – nevermind me, I`m whistlin`.. How`s the weather ? :P ). Well, I was calm and patient, and too sleepy to speak my mind, so for the first time in some years.. I actually enjoyed shopping.. even with my parents. That`s weird !
And wwweeelllll…. :))))) My personal life seems to be back on track. All I can see is ducks everywhere. I have a duckling heart :)))))))..
Some Sunday ! Too bad `morrow I have to wake up early.. it`s phuckin` Monday. Awful.
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2 Responses to “Lovely Sunday”

  1. Cristi

    2 lazy 2 read or wrtie :/
    i suck

  2. Roxa Trutza

    I know dear, take your time.. :)

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