Having phun lately

Too much fun, that is, if you look on the compromised side of my life right now : the fact that I`ve gotta make it at maths. Well, anyway, yesterday everyone was in laughing moods. So many subtle facts ( or sometimes not that subtle ), so much laughing ( `till tears were brought in our eyes ), so.. ignoring everything and concentrating on having phun.. :)
A few facts :
1. Math class. Lobi ( well, Lobontz ), our math teacher, was testin` Tziru ( Ale, my deskmate ) at the blackboard. She solved a complicated exercise, and in the end she had some calculations to do, and she kept writing wrong answers at the final multiplication. Ionel told her the final result, but she can`t hear that well ( as well as she can`t see either, that`s why I always copy everything from the blackboard and she always copies from me, or worse, she keeps askin` me what is written here or there, or on the 5th line in the left.. It`s annoyin` ! :/ ). Ionel is kinda` boor, and he gets irritated pretty fast, so when Tziru wrote the wrong answer again, he said ‘1024!!’ really loud, so that she can hear. Tziru was laughing, and wrote I don`t know.. ‘104’ maybe.. :)) Then Ionel, who usually sustains his back on the chair, strongly patted the desk and said ‘1024!!!!!!!’.. Aaaaaahahahaha.. :) Lobi smiled and was very quiet, he didn`t say a thing, he kept walking in the classroom like nothing happened. Tziru, of course, wrote it wrong again, and Ionel was driven mad : ‘Jesus, she`s stupid !’ ( and he did the ‘drop it’ gesture with his hand, but very wide ). Then he said : ‘1024, can`t you hear ?!?!’.. Aaaaahahahhahaha :)))))))) The whole class started laughing, as they all know Tziru is wacko and Ionel gets angry fast. Even Lobi was laughin` his ass out.. Tziru did, too.. :) Didn`t we all ? :))))))))
2. This Ionel guy seems to have the right answering back sentence all the time. When the Romanian teacher came to announce us she was coming to class, but she`s goin` to be late, Ionel said really loud : ‘There`s no rush!’.. I`m like aaaaahahahahahaha even now ! I can`t reproduce everything as I wish, in reality it was all a lot phunnier..
3. Geography class. Vulc, the teacher, was teaching us something about zootechny.. You know.. : cows, pigs, horses, chickens.. Well, me and Tziru, Andreea and Crina were sniggering all the way because an hour earlier, in the park, all we talked about was Vali ( the ox ) and Bitzi ( the cow ) and the way they must be copulating. :))))))) I didn`t laugh like that since primary school maybe, I don`t know what got into me ! Well, into us all.. It was rather stupid, but hei.. that`s what amuses me more ! Oh my God, I`m acting like a real dork.. ahahahaha :)))))))))
4. Scrofo is Pogacean`s nickname, and when we played ping-pong, we had to open the windows, the atmosphere was incredibly muggy. Outside was all smoky, a terrible smelling smoke, like when you fry the pig before Christmas. And well.. Scrofo identifies himself with a pig, so I said.. ‘Oh come on, who`s fryin` you outside ?!’.. Everyone started laughin`, especially Tziru, who has old ‘conflicts’ goin` on with him ( I only remember the water one.. DON`T ask ! :))))))))))) ).
5. One of the past days, I was at Ioana`s place, changing programms on TV, boring ourselves.. We stopped at Atomic TV.. there was this stupid song played by that guy from Ass-Zone ( you know, O-Zone.. :/ ), Arsenie or something. Ioana : ‘What a silly song !’ .. After a while.. ‘I bet Tziru likes it..’ .. Aaaaaahahahahaha, we decided to ask her the next day. And so we did. Well, I did, during the Physics class. Ioana reminded me to do it ( she was sitting behind me, and Tziru well, unfortunately, next to me, as always.. :))) ). How should I describe Tziru`s reaction when I asked her about wether she likes the song or not.. ? Everything was quiet, and then she broke out: ‘Oooooh yeeeeeees !!!!! I like it so muuuuuch !’.. Aaaaaaaaahahahahahahaha.. my God, tears were dripping out of my eyes while me and Ioana were laughin` like a bunch of ‘complete morons’, using someone`s expression. :)))))))
I guess this is it.. for now. I`m havin` a wonderful time at that highschool. :)

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  1. Abusing people is fine with me, I do it all the time, even if it doesn`t seem so, but it won`t dephuck your life.. ( does that verb even exist ? ). You don`t wanna be in my place, my blog`s template`s color isn`t pink, ya know.. :)

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