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Kidnapped in Iraq

As we all know by now, three Romanian journalists have been kidnapped in Baghdad, Iraq : Marrie Jeanne Ion, Sorin Miscoci and Ovidiu Ohanesian, along with their Americano-Arabian-Romanian guide.. The first group of kidnappers wasn`t a very serious one, as the Romanian press said. Huge mistake. I say they just made fun of them, so it seems pretty normal to me that the first kidnappers sold them to another group. These guys are for real : brutal and shit, like all terrorists. They first gave the Romanian authorities a 4 days ultimatum to withdraw their troops ( about 800 soldiers ) from Iraq in exchange for the journalists` lives. When the 4 days term expired, new videos showed Sorin Miscoci and the guide dressed in orange.. the clothes of death ( Arabian tradition ), and the most recent images show them all alive, beggin` Romania to organize protests in order to pressure the Romanian government to ensure that the kidnappers` demands are met.
That`s a short summary of the story. Now allow me to explode. SAW alike.
Sorry people, but you ARE stupid ! I can`t believe the press, the media, the simple people.. ! C`mon, wake the phuck up ! It`s not Basescu`s fault, for phuck`s sake !! He didn`t send troops there, it was Adrian Nastase who did that, just before the presidential elections. Yes, Adrian Nastase, you morons, the one that everyone likes, the one that the old people treasure because.. ‘he`s beautiful’. Beautiful my ass, he`s fat like a pig ! I can`t believe you people actually almost picked him as a president. Can`t you see what PSD with Iliescu and Nastase have been doin` to this country ?! And stop blaming Basescu and PNL – PD now for everything wrong that happens. The other governments tried to pull string so that we could join (m)UE, without giving a shit if for the simple Romanian people passing down the street it would make a difference or not, so don`t complain about the rigorous reforms that have been applied lately. Returning to our journalists, it isn`t Basescu`s fault that the troops are there. He`s not the ‘let`s lick the Americans in the ass’ type, Iliescu was, and Nastase as well. What can be done now ? Giving up in front of the terrorism and withdrawing the troops is the solution ? Lettin` ourselves manipulated by terrorists that probably are plannin` to start a civil war there.. is a solution ?
I was astonished when I heard that after a survey, 70% Romanians WANT the troops to be withdrawn in order to set the journalists free. Why ? Because they are journalists, because Marrie Jeanne`s father is a PSD senator ( there`s something fishy there ) and because the press is on their side and you see them on TV more often than you get to see something about the real human disaster goin` on in our country : the floods in Banat. Why does that have to be the second or third news on TV, for example ? I would be news number 6 if I was kidnapped in Iraq.. Why ? `Coooz I`m just a teeeeeeeenaaaaage dirtbaaaaaag, baaaaaaby.. :) STUPID and certainly.. not phuckin` fair !
On the other hand, I must say that even if I blame the three journalists for wandering around in Baghdad like they were in heaven and nothing could go wrong, I still feel sorry for them. You never know then the Arabian terrorists are going to kill them.
I wanna underline this : the troops must not be withdrawn. Let`s not fall victims to these sick games. Let`s not be so stupid to accuse our president for not doin` that. Let`s just think about the three human beings that are in Iraq, suffering now, missing this country, with all its problems.
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4 Responses to “Kidnapped in Iraq”

  1. cristi

    da iti dau dreptate … pt 4 sau 3 oameni sa cedeze o tara, like wtf cine dracu ia pus sa mearga ? Daca nu erau constienti de riscuri clar ca nu aveau ce cauta…. anyway lumea e proasta…

  2. Roxa Trutza

    Oh, but I know. The thing is… not everyone thinks like us, hell. :)

  3. mariuz

    i wan’t to say only one thing : Let’s suppose you are kidnapped by iraqi “people”
    How would you feel about it if they don’t care about you ?
    Left there to die
    ps: shure i don’t like what the press is doing exploiting poor people deat..err.. misery (the other side of story where real pain is)

  4. Roxa Trutza

    If I would be kidnapped in Iraq, they wouldn`t care. I ain`t no journalist, Marius. :)
    Oh, and yes, I would give anything for them to care. I just know they won`t. Sad.

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