4 thoughts on “Kidnapped in Iraq

  1. da iti dau dreptate … pt 4 sau 3 oameni sa cedeze o tara, like wtf cine dracu ia pus sa mearga ? Daca nu erau constienti de riscuri clar ca nu aveau ce cauta…. anyway lumea e proasta…

  2. i wan’t to say only one thing : Let’s suppose you are kidnapped by iraqi “people”
    How would you feel about it if they don’t care about you ?
    Left there to die
    ps: shure i don’t like what the press is doing exploiting poor people deat..err.. misery (the other side of story where real pain is)

  3. If I would be kidnapped in Iraq, they wouldn`t care. I ain`t no journalist, Marius. :)
    Oh, and yes, I would give anything for them to care. I just know they won`t. Sad.

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