My first picture :)

He said this is supposed to be my pink fluffy laptop. I don`t agree. :P I can`t understand men nowadays. Why are they asociating blondes with pink ? I really can`t figure that one out, I probably need some guidance. :)
Ah, you`ll have to excuse him, he`s a duck. :))))))))

3 thoughts on “My first picture :)

  1. It doesn`t look awesome :P. Have a look on the streets, everyone dresses up in pink. I hate that color ! Really really hate it.
    P.S. Morandi & Voltaj were cool. That`s why no one talks about them. :))))))

  2. Morandi & Voltaj were together ??
    The lap loooks great , flufy and …pink!?
    Every one wear pinky stuff , I just remember pink Cadillac from Elvis period – just horrible (almost vomiting)
    Ppl black is great, white is great even red
    pink – not good.

  3. They weren`t together !! Sheeeesh !!! :)))) How can they be ? They sing totally different kinds of music.
    Don`t puke on my blog, Goddammit.. :)))))))))))
    I like green. My favourite color is green. Do you have anything against that ? :P

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