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The most ridiculous fear in life is the fear of being ridiculous

From normal to stupid – part I

Oh my God, there are a lot to be said here. This is the promised phunny part.. :) And yes, it is tomorrow, and I`m writing it. :)))))))) Starting with a few classical facts.. 1. English class. We had to write a composition about heck knows what.. I can`t remember, it was a long time […]

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Pf.. many, many things happened lately. So many I`ll just overview a few as there isn`t enough time to put them all down. Only the major stuff, and then the phunny ones. I`ll focus on phunny, not only because there is a lot to tell, but because.. phunny get phunnier. :)))))) Fine, let`s get down […]

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The return of the thesis

:)).. I`m Lord Of The Ringsistic, I know. Well, the math one was a total fiasco. I think I`ll spend my summer studyin` all the math bullshit. I`m failling. Can only save myself with.. 4 X 10.. Whatta joke ! There are better chances of winning some loto jackpot. Not only that my whole summer […]

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I`m going rocky mad…

Eating seeds as a pastime activity The toxicity of our city, of our city… How you own the world ? How your own disorder, disorder… ? Now, somewhere between the sacred silence Sacred silence and sleep. Somewhere… Between the sacred silence and sleep… Disorder, disorder, DISORDER ! System Of A Down – Toxicity

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In Search Of Elite :)

DJ Tiesto`s In Search Of Sunrise 4 This is probably the best trance compilation of the year. DJ Tiesto can be excelled only by himself. :) Officially, it has been launched yesterday, on 5th May 2005. There is something interesting about this anyway. Tiesto`s having a party in which he`ll mix sets for 5 hours. […]

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Thesis strikes back…

How can I not hate life ? :) I mean.. come on. First, today : thesis at maths. Don`t wanna talk about it. Harder than I thought, I`m not quite sure it`ll be ok. My mom`s already planning to hire a math teacher for the summer. She`s gettin` more and more convinced that I`m failling.. […]

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Math. Feeling awful. And alone. And helpless. Thanks for the good luck wishes. You`re too kind, you didn`t have to. Oh boy..

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Feeling mature.. riiight!

Oh suuuuuure ! :)) I`m so mature it hurts ! =)) Well, Easter came, and so did the 1st of May, which equals with duck`s birthday. Not having money and not being able to think fancy really develops your creativity, as I`ve seen recently. Oh and uhm… I said creativity, which doesn`t correspond to maturity. […]

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