Feeling mature.. riiight!

Oh suuuuuure ! :)) I`m so mature it hurts ! =)) Well, Easter came, and so did the 1st of May, which equals with duck`s birthday. Not having money and not being able to think fancy really develops your creativity, as I`ve seen recently. Oh and uhm… I said creativity, which doesn`t correspond to maturity. Not at all, not any connection whatsoever. I have to admit I`m still only a kid ( I`m not officialy 18 :P ), with no possibilities of making money just yet, so with absolutely no decent way of buyin` expensive gifts. Probably, this is for the best. I always buy presents from the heart, even if I don`t have the funds to purchase a watch that worths millions, a costly perfume or other extremely expensive things. Ok, it`s not that I don`t have the money. I could ask my parents, but I don`t. I never did and never will. Why ? `Coz I`m too stupid and proud to do it. C`mon, I don`t ask money for myself… :) I guess what comes from all the stupid affirmations I`ve heard ever since I was a kid : ‘Oh she`s an only child, she must be a spoilt bratt that gives hard times to her parents. They must be spending a fortune on her !’. So, maybe I am a spoilt bratt.. and I give hard times to my folks, but I sure won`t let them feel I`m a pain in the ass.. at least not financially. In conclusion : people, you must know that even if I don`t spend my parents` salaries on the presents I give you, they always come with the best intentions and with all my love and care. Take my word for it ! :)

So, here`s what I did for duck`s birthday : took this picture :

and modified it into :

… in Windows`s Paint. Ahahahahaha.. :)))))) Maybe you`ve recognized him. It`s Squidward Tentacles, from the SpongeBob SquarePants cartoons, one of duck`s favourites. Why ? Because, as you can see from what I`ve modified, he has the ‘whatever’ look ( just like duck ) and he doesn`t care much about what goes on in Bikini Bottom. Oh well, great cartoons, I must say ! SpongeBob and Patrick have these stupid laughing styles which I can easily imitate… so that he can say the ‘I`m surrounded by complete morons !’ line. :)))))))))) So, I ordered a T-shirt with the modified picture and it turned out ok, even if the Signet guy couldn`t do it with good materials that ‘will be devastated once the T-shirt will’. Anyway, I`m glad he likes it. :)

Here`s one idea of a future T-shirt for me. It`s Lumpy, from the Happy Tree Friends cartoons. :))))))))))) It`s a simple image, I only have to transform it into a vectorial one using Corel, raise some money and get my T-shirt done.

As I was sayin` before, these all conclude to the fact that I`m so mature you can actually see it pumping from all my insides. :)))))))))))))))))) Cartoons all the way, singin`, laughin` and gettin` retarded in the Weekend complex last night, acting stupid for duck`s birthday ( for which I apologize :( )… Oh, by the way, it seems I can`t stand goin` out with the Digitek gang. Big BLEAH ! I did change a lot when it comes to that. In my opinion, they`re dull and hypocrits about their lives ( some even when it comes to me ). But hey, there is always a Cipri ( D-Bilu ), Lila, Mircea or TDI that can make you think different. :)

So once again, happy birthday my precioussssssssssssss ! :)

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  1. Aahahahaha, nice one ! You`re still in the USA, you can buy some originals from there.. :) Anyway, Happy Tree Friends rock ! :)))))

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