Thesis strikes back…

How can I not hate life ? :) I mean.. come on. First, today : thesis at maths. Don`t wanna talk about it. Harder than I thought, I`m not quite sure it`ll be ok. My mom`s already planning to hire a math teacher for the summer. She`s gettin` more and more convinced that I`m failling.. and she`s not the only one. Oh well, what can I say ? BORING. I`m gettin` used to this. Really. It`s dull. My life`s dull. Why ? Because everything goes bad for a… long time. Got used to it, dammit ! It`s like.. this is the way it has to be.. any good thing that gets me out of this commonness it`s like some rain in the desert. Deserts don`t suffer from the lack of water. No, it`s in their nature to have droughts. Same as I feel now. Empty and cold-blooded. Nothing can move me, bad things are part of my life now. It`s like everything`s stuck in that shitty state ( and I`m not talkin` only about school here ). When you`re ill, your body produces antibodies, so that the virus you`re infected with can`t strike back again. Same here : once that it happened to me, it can`t hurt me the second time it does. I`m not sayin` I`m made of steel. It`s just about little things and school.
Anyway, back to school.. Guess what ? I`ve been informed that tomorrow`s the day for the biology thesis. Four of us are being tested at that subject. Well, ‘informed’ because I`m totally walkin` on clouds.. or not. In my notebook it says ’13 May’. Heck knows what I should believe. I know shit for tomorrow, but who cares ? :)
There goes duck sayin` I don`t know what about me ignorin` him.. in an SMS. Oh well, got used to that too, as I did with doing everything on my own shit, and carry them all by myself shit, and… well, everything else. :P He can`t seem to remember I`m out of credit, and myX`s not reliable.
So I`m…
  • boring
  • predictable
  • stupid
  • silly
  • annoying

… and more recently : numb.

4 thoughts on “Thesis strikes back…

  1. It`s like the time i found out that in that same day i had a thesis @ phisics … i was like wtf u are making fun of me….. i think i got a 6 …it owned

  2. Cristi, I remember. you`ve told me about it last year. :))))) Pretty shitty, but hey.. 6 is a great grade ! :)
    Nevermind maths. P.C. ? Sucks. :)

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