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DJ Tiesto`s In Search Of Sunrise 4

This is probably the best trance compilation of the year. DJ Tiesto can be excelled only by himself. :) Officially, it has been launched yesterday, on 5th May 2005. There is something interesting about this anyway. Tiesto`s having a party in which he`ll mix sets for 5 hours. Nothing unusual `till now. Well, this party is only for his forum members and tickets can be bought only at . Weird guy, must say.. :)
The songs in this compilation are absolutely gorgeous. Anyway, here`s the tracklist:

CD 1
01. Solarstone feat. Jes – Like A Waterfall
02. Tonedepth & Soultan – Moments
03. Ahmet Ertenu – Why
04. Jasefos – Do What U Want (Max Graham Mix)
05. Wighnomy Bros. – Wurz & Blosse
06. Coca & Villa – La Noche ( AWESOME !!! )
07. Tilt – Twelve (Dousk Mix)
08. Luminary – My World (Andy Moor Mix)
09. Steve May – Blend Forty 3 (Luke Chable Mix)
10. Gabriel & Dresden – Arcadia
11. Split Second – Midnight Express
12. BT – Force Of Gravity (Tiesto Mix)
13. Allure – The Loves We Lost
14. Blank & Jones – Perfect Silence (Ecraig Mix)

CD 2
01. Estuera vs. Relocate – Palma Solane
02. Inner Stories – Beyond
03. Pos – Gravity
04. LNQ – People I Used To Know
05. Mads Arp – Slow It Down (Mathilda Mix)
06. Dominic Plaza – Sounds Rushing
07. Matthew Dekay vs. Proluctors – Bad
08. Electric Pulse – White Noise
09. Grayarea – Gravity
10. Tiesto feat. Matt Hales – UR (Junkie XL Guitar Mix)
11. Odyssee – Evolution
12. Progression – Sands Of Time
13. LSG – Netherworld (Oliver Prime Mix)
14. Sensorica – Only One (Rave Mix)

… and the cover :

‘In Search Of Sunrise 4 is Tiesto`s tribute to sun and sand, open air venues and long summer nights, inspired by his tours through Latin America in 2004 and 2005, where he visited Brasil, Argentina, Peru, Costa Rica, Colombia and many many more.’ Great one, I tell you. Tiesto emphasised the strange guitar sounds ( if you listen to Coca & Villa – La Noche you`ll get my point ). I stronly recommend it to the ones that say ‘ TRANCE FOREVER ‘. It`s worth it, there is no doubt that DJ Tiesto is proving once again he`s the world`s no. 1 DJ.
Elite ad
I`ve been searching for the beautiful melody in the Elite ad for a looong time, and finally I`ve found a clue about where I should get it on Softpedia`s forum . Anyway, for those interested in this lovely song, you should know that it was written and composed especially for this ad. You can login to Yahoo! Mail with the user : helloinme and pass : thankyou. In Inbox you will find Pit Hupperten feat. Nikki McCoy – Hello In Me, Elite ad`s song.

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  1. Blank & Jones are really cool, by the way. I don`t know the rest either.. Tiesto picks really rare songs and mixes them. It`s his style. Beautiful melodies, like everything rare on this planet. :)

  2. Alex Stanciu said… ‘They`re too long, I`m a man, I can’t concentrate that long.’
    It was the shortest blog I`ve ever written.

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