Pf.. many, many things happened lately. So many I`ll just overview a few as there isn`t enough time to put them all down. Only the major stuff, and then the phunny ones. I`ll focus on phunny, not only because there is a lot to tell, but because.. phunny get phunnier. :)))))) Fine, let`s get down to business.

So, one major event was my dad coming to school. Aw man. :) I was so anxious that day ! All this negative energy I`ve accumulated in me ever since he told me he`d do that.. all the darkness in me came out, party, fortunately. I wasn`t so worried about the fact that he will see my grades or my unexplainable truancies, but I was more than anxious only thinking about what my formmaster might say to my dad this time. Retarded bitch.. :) I swear that if I ever get to the last year of highschool under her uhm.. guidance, I`ll tell her a few things to remember me better. :P Anyway, a few hours before my dad`s appearance at the school, I was deeply thinking dark, and I found myself, surprisingly, sharing my burnded thoughts with Ioana. We think alike, we have the same ideas, same conceptions, we are making fun of stupidity and platitude and we get annoyed when it comes to injustice. Our conclusions before my dad`s arrival : WE DON`T CARE. It`s nonsensical gettin` freaked out because of some grades. What do my grades say about me ? Nothing ! Absolutely nothing ! School is a big bullshit, a trivial phase in everyone`s life before ‘becoming somebody’. Phuck the system ! How can you let a grade, received for some multiplications or equations, change your entire life ? HOW ?! But it does change your life, believe it or not. Sad. Extremely sad. Aaaanyway, my dad`s meeting with my formmaster went smoother than I thought. She didn`t say anything bad about me.. except truancies and maths, but that it. My dad did get a little annoyed, but after a couple of days, he told me.. ‘You know, your formmaster is kinda.. silly.. mm.. stupid, you know ?’… Aaaaaaahahahahahhaa.. :)))))))))) It moved my heart ! :)))

The phunny part will be posted tomorrow, I need to sleep now, I can`t keep my eyes open. Goood niiiight, world..

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