From normal to stupid – part I

Oh my God, there are a lot to be said here. This is the promised phunny part.. :) And yes, it is tomorrow, and I`m writing it. :)))))))) Starting with a few classical facts..

1. English class. We had to write a composition about heck knows what.. I can`t remember, it was a long time ago. Tziru was reading her homework, the teacher was listening to her. Well, Tziru is kinda zero with English, especially when it comes to reading, so when she had to say ‘slowly’, guess what came out ? ‘Shlouli’. Aaaaahahahhahaha.. :)))))))) Jesus, even the teacher was laughing with tears. Not only then, but even now, when we deliberately put a ‘sh’ in front of everything that starts with ‘s’. :)

2. Same English class, me reading a text about Celts and God knows what other ancient civilisations. When I get to the part where the text eulogized the way they were fighting, instead of ‘fierce fighters’ I say… ‘fierce fingers’. : Yea`, sure, go ahead and laugh. They did laugh, but not as they did with ‘shlouli’. :))) Nothing will ever compare to that. So, ultimately, got myself a new nickname.. which really pissed me off : ‘Degetzica’.. Translated it means something related to a feminine small finger. :P

3. I have this colleague.. Bandean Vlad Aurel ( also known as Aiurel – you know, Eeyore from Winnie The Pooh episodes.. :) )..

No, he doesn`t look like him, but his name is alike, adding one letter. :P Anyway, this Bandean character ( must mention he`s one of the people I get along just fine ), has this weird but very phunny practice. When somebody shouts at him, or tells him something he didn`t expect to hear, he simply points a finger at that person, then looks away totally disorientated `till he sees someone else, and then, looking at that someone else, he says.. about the person that was talking to him : ‘He`s so stupid..’ .. Mwaaaahahahahahahahahhaaaaaa :)))))))))) I simply bursted into laughs when I first saw him doing that.. Now I amuse myself with Ioana as well, which is not very familiar yet with my noticing phunny details custom. She`ll get used to it. Bandean gets an A for this one.. I`ve never seen anything so phunny. :)))))))

4. At the Biology class, Lavi and Shefu` were reading essays about animals` behaviour. That was one hell of an hour ! :)) I swear I can only remember the ‘sniggering’ type of laughing from primary school, it never happened to me in Papiu.. Anyway, here`s the story. Lavi first. She read something about bats, and some experiments in which wax was pourred in their ears and eyes to test their orientation skills.. aaaaahahahahahahha, man, I never heard about anything so stupid as these experiments ! :))))))) Well, it wasn`t just the content of the essay we were laughing about, but Lavi`s way of reading is absolutely awful.. Ioana and I couldn`t stop laughing.. and Lavi couldn`t read beacause of us. :))))) Shefu`s turn. He wrote about dolphins.. and the experiments that have been made by ( hold on, this one`s rich ) .. ‘dr. Lily’.. Aaaaaahahahaa :)))))))))) He actually wrote about someone called ‘dr. Lily’.. Mwaahhahaha.. :))))))))) Ok, Pavel sleeping with his forehead on the desk puts a stop to any desperate try not to laugh.. Goddammit ! :)))

5. Before our French class, me and Ioana were becoming diabolic thowards Tziru, we wanted to get her wet, sharing the little water we had left. Uhm, that was before my idea of ‘Let`s wet somebody who deserves it.’ .. and we both looked at Lavi.. :))))))) We acted like two phuckin` retards ! Lavi, of course, got nervous and took a bigger bottle of water.. and got both me and Ioana soaked. You could squeeze water from our T-shirts. :)))) Well, the classroom suffered as well : the back wall was wet, but also some historical pictures and maybe documents ( phuck knows what those are ).. My formmaster is teaching History, and well, our classroom is a History cabinet. Laughing our asses out, we watched Lavi as she hurried tryin` to wipe the water on the desks and wall with her uniform. :))))) She even hangged the uniform on the wall so that the wet part couldn`t be seen. In that very moment, Dobreanca ( the French teacher ) walked in, and when she saw the disorder, she started to shout.. ‘What the.. ? Take that away ! ( she spotted the uniform ). What happened there ?! Allow me to call your formmaster to see this !’ Yea`, she behaved worse than a three year-old. Our formmaster came. ‘Who`s responsible for this ? Please stand up.’ Ioana, Lavi and I got up.. ‘Don`t you have anything better to do ?! Three handicapped..’ .. and she left.. Aahahahahaha.. :))))))))

This is it for now.. too long already. Part two will come soon. ;)

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