Fascination Street

The most ridiculous fear in life is the fear of being ridiculous


I`ve been here for two days… stood in the sun to get a bit of a color on my skin today. I`m the only one not burnt. My folks are red on their backs and shoulders. Nothing unusual `till there, but guess what else I did today ? I drove my dad`s car down the […]

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I`ll be back

I`ll be goin` `morrow at Galautasi, a village in Harghita county.. there is where I used to spend my holidays when I was a kid. That place has everything but a sewage system, so the ‘toilet’ is a wood thing in the back of the yard, and for washing you either use the creek flowing […]

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Q : How did you imagine your 18th birthday in your childhood ? A : Well, I imagined it as a metamorphosis, a day in which something magical came and turned me into an adult.. I surely thought it was gonna be like a sudden passage from child to adult.. like some kind of transition […]

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Officially 18

“Then it comes to be that the soothing light at the end of your tunnel.. was just a freight train coming your way.” Metallica – No Leaf Clover

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18 ? You`ve gotta be kiddin` me

Words come more easily on real paper… or at least that`s what I thought. Can`t believe I`m actually keepin` this notebook Dexter ( which came by today… ) gave me. Can`t believe I`m in bed, holding a pencil in my hand and actually writing what I feel, what I think… Of course I`ll post this […]

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Open Water

Can`t tell whether I`m totally messed up or if I`m impressed. Anyway, I`m as silent as I can get… on the outside. I`ve just seen ‘Open Water’, a low-budget movie produced by Lion Gates Films ( just like SAW, another great movie ). It`s a drama about two divers, an american couple that are accidentally […]

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From normal to stupid – part II

So, as I was promising, here`s the second part of the most well built information gather of our unevolved brains… Ahaahaha, in other words, let me tell you about other stupid things we`ve been doing lately. :))))))) 1. Ioana and I have this custom of going to the hospital in the 20 minutes break to […]

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What ?

WhaaAaaaAAAat ? :) Why are you lookin` at me like that ? Sure I wanna write ! Of course, I mean d`oh… But why ? Why can`t I just speak my mind ? `Coz I`m tired, stressed and freaked out. Why ? `Coz I`m afraid of loosing freedom this summer. I need a summer job, […]

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Not another teen post

There are maaaany things going on lately : I had the first two Cambridge exams : Listening and Speaking. Oh joy :) Well, I did just fine at Listening ( thank God we didn`t have do deal with dialects. I freakin` hate those ! ), but I did a *blank* at Speaking, about 3 seconds […]

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