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There are maaaany things going on lately : I had the first two Cambridge exams : Listening and Speaking. Oh joy :) Well, I did just fine at Listening ( thank God we didn`t have do deal with dialects. I freakin` hate those ! ), but I did a *blank* at Speaking, about 3 seconds long, until Ujica, my partner, saved me. Dammit, I was sure that was going to happen. I mean c`mon, they ask me things that even in Romanian are hard to explain.. fluently. :P It was more than ok afterwards, I managed to get back on track and everything went smooth from that moment on. Hiuh ! I`m glad that`s over ! :) The other 3 exams are in 15 of June : Reading, Writing and English in Use. I`m only afraid because of those stupid paragraphs at Reading, otherwise I know I`ll manage somehow. C`mon, I can`t be a native English speaker. :) Goddammit !
Apocalyptica are coming to town ! :) Oh yea` baby, in 31st of July this year, at the Peninsula Festival, in our town ! OMG !!! I`m gonna go go goooo.. :) I can`t wait to hear them, they`re SO cool. But hey, System Of A Down are betta`… :D I`m a freak. I know.
School ? Still working on that math bullshit. Doooon`t wanna talk about it. :
And uhm, yes, I do apologize that it`s ‘today’ and I didn`t wrote the second part of ‘From normal to stupid’, but I have this book awaiting : ‘The Great Gatsby’ by F. Scott Fitzgerald. It`s in English, I read a few pages and it looks interesting and even appealing to me. ;) So, as I was sayin`, don`t feel under the weather, the second post about abnormality will soon come. Promise !

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  1. ‘Heh women’
    Now what ? :) What did I do this time ? :P
    So that what pogo means. Now I know what those loonatics from System Of A Down are singin` about. :)

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