From normal to stupid – part II

So, as I was promising, here`s the second part of the most well built information gather of our unevolved brains… Ahaahaha, in other words, let me tell you about other stupid things we`ve been doing lately. :)))))))

1. Ioana and I have this custom of going to the hospital in the 20 minutes break to buy ourselves food, good, fresh and cheap fast-food and eat it all by ourselves, away from the full of hungry beasts class. :) I mean, we can`t buy anything and go eat it in the classroom.. there are monsters everywhere, wishing on what we have to eat. :-S That`s completely outrageous ! :) So we decided to eat once a day, walking slowly ( shlouli =))))))) ) back from the hospital, enjoying our tasty lunch. Anyway, one Tuesday, posessed of our beloved retard monkey, Charlie, guess what we did ? We skipped the religious education class ( imagine what we`ve found to skip… /:) ), like a bunch of brain damaged people.. Just the two of us. We went to the hospital and bought food. Plenty of food. The man that was selling that day was raising his eyebrows constantly during the time we kept asking for more and more.. :)))) Afterwards, we went to the park, somewhere where we could be all alone to take pleasure in our food, like some pack of not-so-hungry, but let`s-eat-this-quietly wolves. :))) Stupid all the way ! Useless to say we were laughing and shouting, acting like jerks under the Charlie effect… :)

2. One Thursday, after the History class, a thin middle-aged woman walks in the classroom. Tziru, as she sees her, rapidly gets her big ass off the chair and quickly hops thowards her. She was her mom, coming to school to check on her eminent student. :) Right… Tziru never mentioned to her she has failled Physics in the first semester, so she was scared, begging her mom to go home, promising desperately that she would tell her everything. :)))) That was one hell of a view ! In a couple of moments, her mom was outside the classroom with our formmaster, and Tziru nervously slammed the door, rushing to her chair, cryin` like a baby. On her way to the desk, as she was running, tryin` to look very artistic in her suffering, she tried to fall on the chair perfectly for everyone to see her world tumble and fall, but the poor chair gave in her weight, spinning around with her, knocking all the desks.. Aaaaaahahahaha, that was rich ! I mean, we didn`t know whether to laugh or support her.. Well, anyway, she was even more hysterical because of the fact that her performance was a fiasco.. :))))))))))))))) As if these weren`t enough, at the Romanian class, the teacher, with her unconscionable and calm style, says to poor and already damaged Tziru.. ‘Your poor mother comes here, small, thin and stressed because you cause her problems, and you just sit here, big, fat and insane.’ .. Aaaaaaaahahahahahahahaha.. Ioana and I couldn`t help ourselves.. we had tears in our eyes from laughing again. For the first time anyone said something about her, Tziru didn`t laugh. Well, who cares ? All the class did.. :)))))))) We`re jerks, we know.. but that was too phunny !
After this happening, we were again making phun of every small thing, every little detail, EVERYTHING. Anyway, after a while, when we thought the atmosphere had settled down, one break, we see cropping up the door a head, a big enormous square-shapped head, very similar to Lavi`s, only with male features upon it. :)))))) Her dad coming to school to check on her genius child.. mwahahahaa.. :)))))) Ioana and I were sitting on our desks, enjoying the show, all we needed was some popcorn maybe.. :))) Lavi hurried thowards the door, waving her bacon, not before sayin`.. ‘Oh my Gosh..’ Well, that was a ‘thulai Doamne’ actually, but translated it means something like that.. :)))) Another laugh, another Charlie, Jesus, that day was full of such events.. :))))) Unlike Tziru, Lavi was lucky, her dad didn`t got a closer look on the catalogue.. :) Dammit, fools are always in luck.

3. Cotoara is one of my colleagues, a very smart guy, having a rich general culture ( well, he definitely is ahead of anyone of us, especially at History.. By the way, I phuckin` hate History. :D ). His only problem is that well, I think he suffered a lot in the past. He`s too distant and he doesn`t care much about anyone but himself. Heh, he`s like an iceberg : you can see he`s cold and in pain, but you`ll never pass the ice layer. :) Just like I wanna be for the future, I mean his style, not that he`s atractive in any way or that his style is admirable. No, it isn`t. He`s a living dead with a burdened mind, but anyway, he`s cool, you can get along with him fine if you`re smart enough. Well, one day he was playin` table tennis and Bandean kept bothering him, asking something. Cotoara answered him a few times, but he talks really fast, I think Bandean didn`t understand what he replied, so he asked over and over again the same question. Then Cotoara got mad and yelled at him.. well, it was more a roar than a yell : ‘I TOLD YOUUU !!!!!!!’ Bandean was mute. :)))))))) Then, with a soft sweet voice, smiling without pause between the scream and this, he continued : ‘I already told you, they`re on my desk.’ .. Ahahahahaha.. :))))))) Astonishing.. amusing piece of shit. :)

3. Scrofo and Pavel were answering at Romanian.. We were tryin` to whisper to them the right answers, as Scrofo was asked the names of the four novels belonging to the Halipa cycle. He didn`t knew the name of the first one, so we were tryin` to help : ‘Fecioare despletite ! Fecioare despletite !’ [ ‘Dishevelled virgins’ ] Scrofo listens, then says : ‘Picioare despletite..’ [ ‘Dishevelled legs’ ].. Mwahahahahahahahhaaaaaaa.. :)))))) The only one not laughing was the teacher.
Pavel ? Oh, this one`s even more waggish, as I was the whisperer.. :))))) The teacher asked the names of Herdelea`s kids from the novel ‘Ion’ by Liviu Rebreanu. And there goes Pavel.. ‘Titu, Laura and uhm….’ I knew the name, but it was hard to whisper, as there was this stupid perfect silence in the classroom.. ‘Ghighi ! Ghiiiiighi !!’ .. Pavel : ‘Chichi’ .. Aaaahahahahahhaa :))))))))))) Gids… :)))))))) Uhm.. I meant, kiiiids.. :)))))))))

4. Today, at my place, Ioana begged me to show her this new pair of fluffly panties I`ve bought. I had other stuff on my mind and instead of telling her I washed them and they`re dryin` on the balcony, I only said.. ‘Oh, they`re outside..’. Ioana was in my room ( no balcony here ) and looked straight at the window, outside.. ‘Where.. ?’ Mwahahahahahahahahaha.. :))))))))) Do panties grow on trees ? Or do they fly ? Sheesh.. :))))))))))

Too much phun lately, this will end up bad.. :)

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