Open Water

Can`t tell whether I`m totally messed up or if I`m impressed. Anyway, I`m as silent as I can get… on the outside.
I`ve just seen ‘Open Water’, a low-budget movie produced by Lion Gates Films ( just like SAW, another great movie ).

It`s a drama about two divers, an american couple that are accidentally left in the middle of the ocean. You`ve gotta see this movie, it truly moved me in a way I can`t explain. I do feel small and insignificant, but even more, I fear death. Not just any kind of death, but the death of others before me… and the conditions in which this might happen. This movie is based on a true story, which is even more shockin`. It`s an intense psychological film, which will make you understand or simply assist to human behaviour in desperate situations. You must be very open-minded and think about the movie`s ending, which is why I think many people won`t find it entertaining. Nowadays movies suck, they give you every piece of information, slowing down the way a watcher`s brain reacts. This is completely different. ‘Open Water’ makes you identify yourself with the characters, places you in the middle of the ocean, only with your loved one to take care of, in waters hidding great predators that first study you, then kill you, all these without special effects or terryfing-lookin` sharks… it`s just the nature following its course, but in the most frightnin` way.
Makes you wonder… life`s fragile and can be easily taken away… why can`t you simply enjoy it while you have it ? Why is arguing and pointing finger at your loved one occurs so often ? Oh man… this movie was brilliant. I`m still sad and quiet about it, tears apart my heart and revolts my brain, but I have to admit this movie`s unique. Just like your life. And the people you love the most. Don`t waste this.
Must mention that I keep having this weird nightmare about me drowning in the ocean. I had for almost 4 times. Why only almost ? Because in the last one I woke up… not to die again, I said to myself, being aware it was only a dream. :)
I need a hug. :/

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