Q : How did you imagine your 18th birthday in your childhood ?
A : Well, I imagined it as a metamorphosis, a day in which something magical came and turned me into an adult.. I surely thought it was gonna be like a sudden passage from child to adult.. like some kind of transition or.. I don`t know..
Q : And, how was it ?
A : Awful. I was anxious all day long, feelin` like a mummy.. I really felt old. And that adult thing I imagined in my childhood.. what a crap. Becoming mature takes time, a lot of time.. You learn all your life and you`re still gonna die not knowing 90% about this world.
Q : How did you spend this day ?
A : Watching movies. My right eye is completely red from all this sittin` in front of the monitor thing..
Q : That`s how you celebrated ?
A : I didn`t celebrate. There is really nothing to celebrate..
Q : Yes, but what about friends and familiy.. ?
A : My close and true friends called me, it was ok.. My family has given me some space on my birthday, but still they were blabin` something about me being isolated.. Nevermind, they`ll soon forget.
Q : How do you feel now, at the end of the day ?
A : Glad it`s over.

3 thoughts on “Quiz

  1. Happy birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to Roxinovichi ;)
    Wait until 80’s and then you have time
    to feel older
    Live your life and you don’t have to care
    about future or past tooo much.
    As pink floyd said “Shine on Crazy Diamond”
    The hardest thing is to be yourself (Diamond), I still try to reach that point
    (Shine and Crazy)
    When i was young (doh!) my models/idols were:
    queen,eliade,the doors,cioran and today others…(linus,jim-starkey,platon)
    I Try to do what is in my mind , no model can help me …too much.
    I will do many mistakes but is the best model (nothing from outside:parents,friends,colleagues)
    It’s like baby stepping (learning)
    first you fall , and second time is worst,
    In the end you learn to run as independent
    entity (as wild thing)
    A sad day is when i’m older than the other day, This day i see things like no other one (in past). No phear is left for next days , I’m just empty and let life flow trough me..

    Shortly : there is someone always near you
    Don’t worry about lonlyness , I felt something like that for my birthday too (not the same)

  2. You`re among the few persons that understand me. You`re right, there is someone always thinkin` about me, even if I`m alone. Alone and lonely aren`t the same. Thank you, Mariusica. Really thanks.
    Oh and uhm.. about which model to follow.. anyone`s ok unless you`re like Kurt Cobain. :))))) I still don`t follow anyone, I`m as original as I can be. And so are you. :)

  3. Hey…. Kurt Cobain was killed by that bitch……. he couldn`t kill himself it has been prooven that he was killed

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