I`ve been here for two days… stood in the sun to get a bit of a color on my skin today. I`m the only one not burnt. My folks are red on their backs and shoulders. Nothing unusual `till there, but guess what else I did today ? I drove my dad`s car down the street for about 3 or 4 kilometers. It was great I tell you, GREAT ! Well, except the times when I had to start the car or go backwards, I manage to do everything quite ok. Must admit I have a lot to learn, but I bet it`s not that hard. I even got ahead of a cart.. my dad was feeling proud of me. :) Finally, something to be proud of.. `cause otherwise, kinda hard.
I was on the top of the hill today, in the evening, to watch the sun seting, in the exact same place about a year ago I was there with a bunch of people, having phun and givin` marks to thunders. What a lovely time we had then.. and what a shame nothing`s the same since then.
Lola, the dog, is eating something. Crickets are singing. Darkness is falling`. Everything`s quiet though. Smells like shwred. I look at the sky and all I can see is insects and small, lost, spread clouds. The grass is wet and slippery. It`s colder and colder. I watch a mosquito suckin` blood from my foot.. through the clothes. Interesting. Minor pain. The dog crashes the bones as it`s chewing them. I can barely see what I write. Too cold and windy. Time to go in the house. I love this place !

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