Fascination Street

The most ridiculous fear in life is the fear of being ridiculous

Day 4 – hold on tight

Tired.. very tired.. my feet must be ten times their size. :)) Great shows today, starting with Holograf, which I couldn`t quite see from the beginning to the end, because we were watching Simona painting her T-shirt. She had one with ‘I love life’ .. and she wrote on the back ‘& blood’, and then […]

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Day 3 – energy show must go on

Oh my.. oh myyyyyyyy.. I mean… I`m speechless. We got a little late, but we still got ourselves a place right in front of Iris playing.. Cristi Minculescu is so dead ! I mean.. take a look at his belly and you`ll realise what alcohol does to people. Oh and, better take a look at […]

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Day 2 – chilling melancholia

Can`t call it sadness, it was more like a gloomy atmosphere all day long, and not because every part of us was aching from the night before, but… well, let me tell you. Cristi Niculescu from Directia 5 was walking around around the stage when we got there, so Crin` and I went and asked […]

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Day 1 – unleash the fury

Oh my Goooood, this was awesome ! The first day, the best day.. everyone just exploded.. the energy was floating in the air, even if there were not as many people as I`ve expected.. at least not in the first day. I was there with Crini and Simona, but there we came across Adim and […]

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Peninsula is coming to town !

Again, this year we`re honored to have in town for five days ( 27 – 31 July ) in our city the Peninsula Festival ( the equivalent of Felsziget in Hungary ). Everything will take place, like in the past two years, in the Weekend complex precinct, where we shall enjoy lotsa bands, including the […]

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Showers could lead to brain damage

Reading the news today, I found this article : ” Taking regular showers could lead to brain damage, according to a new study. Scientists believe breathing in small amounts of manganese dissolved in the water may harm the nervous system. Dr. John Spangler, from Wake Forest University School of Medicine in New Carolina, who led […]

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