Fascination Street

The most ridiculous fear in life is the fear of being ridiculous

Gosh, keep me from driving !

Just came back from driving lesson today.. Man, I can`t park a Goddamn car. :)) I mean.. today I destroyed a landmark. Not only that it fell while I was rotating the steering wheel, but then I ran with the car over it, and I even heard it crackle. :/ Oh well.. talkin` to Sensation […]

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Did it ever happen to you to feel you don`t belong here ? And I`m not talkin` about a place or time, I`m talkin` about.. Fuck knows what I`m talkin` about. I shouldn`t be here, sittin` on this chair, lookin` at this monitor, listenin` to this music, being in this room, in this block, in […]

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Marcel Proust is asking.. :)

Well, I read only the articles in Dilema Veche, didn`t bother to scroll down.. Thank God I read TTBM`s blog to see what I was missing.. :) So, they call it Proust`s questionnaire. Here`s what it`s about. 1. Main feature – stubbornness. 2. An attribute you`d like to find in a man – cleverness. 3. […]

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..Aaaand the fever`s rising. Man I haven`t been so ill since.. well frankly, have I ever been so ill ? This is killing me. Last night I thought I was dyin`, and I only had 38.4. ‘Only’.. I think it`s because of that stupid bath I just had to take yesterday.. that`s without mentioning my […]

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Bitter moon, my saviour

I interrupt this blog to announce a breaking news : my new Romanian favourite group is Luna Amara. ~ to be continued ~ And let me continue. Right now I`m burning with fever and my eyes are injected with insomnia, but it doesn`t matter. There`s more to life.. actually, there`s more to MY OWN life […]

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Does it always have to be a title ?

Sheesh.. my Windows miraculously came back to life after two days of booting in Linux and desperately tryin` to save the data left on my C:\ drive, which, of course, stunned my Outlook. Considering that, I almost wished my Windows was as dead as before, but well, I managed to unravel the darkened secrets of […]

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Pain`s no tragedy

.. Or at least that`s what I`m tryin` to convince myself. Suddenly realised today I can`t share my deepest thoughts nor my darkest feelings, not even writing them here. My mind is lost in this huge maze standing above an abyss, this unknown, uncharted and unfamiliar territory that has never been explored. It may be […]

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Occupation ? None whatsoever.

Browsing is all I can do at this hour, so I ran into this website full of tests. I`m not really into these things, but now I`m waiting to hit the road, so what can I say ? I`m doing my best to keep myself entertained.. :)))) Amazing how one test can say a part […]

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First boot in Linux

I have two words for today : fuckin` shit.Unplugged the hard disk and, as usual, I went to _ADI_`s place to write some DVDs, when suddenly his PC rebooted, with my hard disk as master. That completely phucked up my XP. It`s all gone, I`m not even using it right now.Guess what I did ? […]

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Serenity now !

Today I was like ‘fuck’ and ‘shit’ ever since I got up and went to pay the exam tax for my driver licence. Yeah, now I`m laughin`, but back then I felt like needing to be told that wasn`t happening to me. :))))))) So, on my way downtown, I suddenly remembered I left my identity […]

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