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The most ridiculous fear in life is the fear of being ridiculous

Don`t forget to remember – part two

Without any intro, here it goes.. :) 1. We were having info, and there too, I`m doomed of sittin` next to Tziru. :)) Anyway, we switched places so that she could write at the keyboard the programms, while I was copyin` some lessons. So, proceeding in line, it was me, Tziru, Scrofo and Pavel. Of […]

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Don`t forget to remember – part one

Said I couldn`t wait, so here it is, must spit it fast, `cause the month is ending, and I said to myself I`ll be posting one story ( about the stupid laughable-at things that happen at school ) every last Sunday of a month.. so it`s already Wednesday, I`m late, of course. :)) 1. This […]

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Mask of sanity

..But actually I`m going slightly mad. I sit in my room listening to Children Of Bodom – Black Widow and I can feel their guitar rushin` through my veins. In few minutes I`ll be ‘bodoming’ after midnight.. :)) Well what can I say ? There are a lot of funny things from school to be […]

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Insomnia again, still can`t overcome the terribly frustrating moments that occured in the first day of school.. as in.. today, still. My formmaster is a complete moron, I`ll never get tired of sayin` it. She began telling us that the school has no money, that nothing was renovated during the summer, that the kids can`t […]

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Wake me up when I`m free

Well.. did you miss me ? Thought I vanished ? Thought I had really died ? :) No.. not even far. I just had two weeks to rest.. two weeks of doing nothing. Nothing except driving tests and.. driving. I think I`m starting to lighten up. About time, there are only 3 sessions left. :)) […]

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Expecting death

Just make it fast.

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