Wake me up when I`m free

Well.. did you miss me ? Thought I vanished ? Thought I had really died ? :) No.. not even far. I just had two weeks to rest.. two weeks of doing nothing. Nothing except driving tests and.. driving. I think I`m starting to lighten up. About time, there are only 3 sessions left. :)) Therefore, if I do succeed with my driver licence, I`ll try not to look astonished. :P
The agony has stopped. And in these two weeks there was absolutely no sign of anxiety. Was the thing in 2nd of September the key to my piece of mind ? There are no more worms feeding with my inner sanity. The pain has stopped. Found two digital art works ( my favourite form of art, next to music ) that represent me right now..

But then again, there are things that will definitely bring me back to my path, along with all my demons. :) Not the old ones, but new ones, new demons and new saints that just don`t belong in Hell or Heaven. They come to haunt me. Why ? What have I done to them ? Wish they could all just let me be. I`m so calm, so willing to deal with everything, to accept everything. But in the morning I`ll be a rebel again, rage will be written all over my face and I`ll put on my ironic pair of eyes, as usual.

Plans : raise money for future concerts in Bucharest, solve the driving licence shit in 19, write a mail to Marcel to see if he`s ok, talk to Nick & Mihnea from Luna at the concerts, study hard this year at school, meet new people, stop listening to Dimmu Borgir and Burzum, sleep more. A lot more. And that`s what I`ll start doing. This instant.

P.S. Ahahaha, forgot to tell you about the title. Well, ‘wake me up when I`m free’ is mine`s and HotSauce`s. We use it when school starts, and we laugh our asses out about it. It`s a way of smiling our ways outta trouble, as always. :)

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