Insomnia again, still can`t overcome the terribly frustrating moments that occured in the first day of school.. as in.. today, still. My formmaster is a complete moron, I`ll never get tired of sayin` it. She began telling us that the school has no money, that nothing was renovated during the summer, that the kids can`t take care of the building, stupid kids, fuckin` kids, let`s kill the kids kinda shits. And of course I had to share my thought with Ioana.. Where the fuck are all the money we raised ? Where`s the school`s fund ? The money we gave in response to the threat about our grades. First I felt rage, then repulsion. For who ? The system, the city, the institute, the school, that fuckin` woman I have to put up with two more years. I`m loosin` it ! Badly. And this was only the first day.. dammit.
Started reading Vakulovski – Pizdetz.
Didn`t buy the book, found it on the net, but I`m planning to buy all his work. This guy`s a freakin` genious ! I love the way he writes. Couldn`t care less about the fact that he`s a crack ass, his ideas are brilliant. Especially the ones about God. He`s got balls to write those and publish them. No one does that anymore, no one reveals to the world his real personality. Alexandru Vakulovski does. This book is about truth, friendship, suffering, emptiness and.. bitterness. And yes, you`ll have a bitter taste after reading it. Flashy ass book, I devoured it in two days.

3 thoughts on “Pizdetz

  1. I like this name “Pizdetz”! sounds so… how can I say?…so… ? I don’t know… but I like it… and don’t worry about the school system, they don’t deserve your atention, try to focus on your next 2 years and then you’ll see: a sort of freedom will come!

    What the f**k I’m talking about! :)


  2. You`d better read ‘Pizdetz’, rocks. :)
    I`m not worryin` about the school system, I`m worryin` about this country`s system. It`s too fucked.

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