Don`t forget to remember – part one

Said I couldn`t wait, so here it is, must spit it fast, `cause the month is ending, and I said to myself I`ll be posting one story ( about the stupid laughable-at things that happen at school ) every last Sunday of a month.. so it`s already Wednesday, I`m late, of course. :))
1. This year started with a laugh, of course. The jeer`s author is Ioana, who from the very beginning had a weird observation spirit. It was like… the first or second day of school, and Lobi walked in to tell us something, I can`t remember what, but that`s not important. Anyway, he was kinda bronzed and we have to admit, he`s fat, or at least his belly is damn huge. All these combined with a fresh short haircut and a beige suit, made Ioana say quietly, but extremely spontaneous : ‘He looks like a sausage…’ .. Ahahahahaha :))))) That expression is so everlasting !
2. I`m not sure if this is actually a thing that`s worth being written here, but anyway, here goes nothing. Ioana and I decided to walk to school and raise money.. Ioana for cosmetics related issues and I.. well, for future rock concerts. :) Nothing unusual `till now, but… our highschool is on the other side of the town, and I`m not kiddin`. When our classes begin at 7 o`clock, we get up at 5 ! 5 o`clock in the freakin` mornin`. :)) This ain`t living… Anyway, we didn`t quite think about what we were doing, until one day, when, walkin` home from school, we did some maths.. 4 kilometers one way, 8 kilometeres both ways per day. That means 40 kilometeres per week and… ( hold on, this is rich ).. 160 kilometeres per month.. Ahahahahahahhahahahha :))))))) We were laughin` our asses out when we realised. If someone had threaten to kill me if I didn`t walk 160 km, I would have said : ‘go fuck yourself, then kill me.’.. but this is ridiculous.. :)))))) 160 kilometeres.. For what ? 400 RON ? We must be out of our fuckin` minds. :))))))))
3. I`m gonna stick to the things that happened with me and Ioana.. this one`s insane ! Lavi brought some cookies to school, four pieces, to be more specific. She told us to help ourselves and then she ran out of the classroom, goin` dunno where; she simply vanished. Oh well, Ioana and I.. really helped ourselves. First, we each ate one piece. How fresh and soft the dough was.. all yellow and fluffy, smelling like vanilla.. And the fruits ! We didn`t quite understand why they were mauve instead of red.. we supposed we`re eating cherries.. But who gave a fuck ? They were yummy. Finishing the first bits, we were like.. INSANE. All we could think about was the other two pieces Lavi had in her bag. Useless to say.. it was just a matter of seconds until we both swoop the other two cookies from the face of the Earth.. :)))))))) Who cared if Lavi was out of food for the day ? Who cared about the approaching argue ? Certainly not us.. we were too busy eating, choking and laughing, all together.. :)))))) When Lavi came back, she surprisingly laughed as well, telling us those weren`t cherries, but plums.. well that explains the violet things we ate ! Anyway, won`t forget Lavi`s ‘you greedy bitches’ look too soon.. :)))))))))))))
This is just the first part.. it`s gonna turn out really long if I keep writing now, so I`ll leave the rest for tomorrow. It only gets funnier, I promise.. :))))

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