Don`t forget to remember – part two

Without any intro, here it goes.. :)

1. We were having info, and there too, I`m doomed of sittin` next to Tziru. :)) Anyway, we switched places so that she could write at the keyboard the programms, while I was copyin` some lessons. So, proceeding in line, it was me, Tziru, Scrofo and Pavel. Of course, Tziru couldn`t help herself bothering Scrofo, tellin` him she wants a concert with Akcent.. ( oh man ! ).. and I`m not sure what Scrofo told her, but while she was laughin`, swayin` her body back and forward, she accidentally banged her head on the back of the chair in front of her ( there`s this eternal unused chair in the info lab ), making Scrofo and Pavel burst into a real loud laughter.. :))))))))))) You should have seen her and… the sound of something empty hittin` wood can`t be unrecognized.. =)) It was so damn funny ! :))))) Well, the teacher wasn`t amused at all by Scrofo`s laughter, and under these circumstances, he even got himself a grade, a 3.. Well, one`s stupidity is enough to knock out two persons.. :))))))))) .. even if.. not both on a freakin` chair.. :))))))
Still wondering about how much brain can there be in Tziru`s head ? Well, allow me to demonstrate you.

Oh yeah, those are her English copy-book`s covers. =))))) That smiley looks entirely like her, all gummy, with silly flowers, rainbows, hearts and pink atmosphere around her.. :)))))))) All she needs is two poney tails in her head… :))))))) Lemme tell you more about how I got the pictures.

2. Andrei Morar helped me in my so-called mission.. :) He took the pictures with his phone, then sent them to me over the internet. Well, taking the pictures was a real pain in the ass. I had to be careful for Tziru not to see me, when I stole the copy-book and brought it over to Andrei`s desk.. It was a matter of minutes until she realised her compromising copy-book was missing, and, being aware of my infamous intentions, she started to yell around the classroom : ‘Where is my copy-book ?!’.. Of course she showed me the thick face sign, but who cared ? We had the pictures. I went back to Andrei`s desk to laugh about our success, and in a moment of quiet, while both of us were staring at a point in the void, he started to mumble out of nowhere, imitating Tziru.. ‘ “Where`s my copy-book ?” “On the internet.” ‘.. Aahahahahhahahahaha :))))))))))))))))) That was SO COOL ! The absent way he said it and everything.. masterpiece ! :)

3. Well, talking about Morar Andrei, let me tell you everything related to his subliminal contribution to this monthly funny publication.. :)) One day, staring at the same point in nothingness, with an absent look, he was near the classroom`s door; then he started to move it slowly ( not shlouli =)) ), until his subconscious figured out the squeaking noise it was making.. But it wasn`t any kind of squeak, but a silly one, like the ones you get to see in cartoons, only that he was moving the squeaker without noticing the funny, but dumb situation.. =)))))))))))))))))))) I`m not sure about the others, but Nutzi, Pavel and I were payin` enough attention to laugh about it. :))))

4. Pavel was copyin` his math homework from Andrei`s copy-book. It was right before the math class, so he was in a hurry, desperately tryin` to put down everything as fast as he could. Then, in the same hurry and despair, poking Andrei with a finger, as he always does ( :))))))))))))))) ), Pavel asked him.. ‘What on Earth did you write here ? I can`t understand.’ Andrei turns around to Pavel`s desk, takes a look at the copy-book, then at Pavel`s way of showing what he doesn`t understand.. as in.. pointing with a finger between two other fingers.. Aahahahaha.. :))))))) I was watching the whole scene, and when I thought this is as funny as it can get, Andrei prooved me wrong, ironically answering to Pavel : ‘Maybe it`s because you`re holding the copy-book upside down.’ .. Aaaaaahahahahahahahhaha, I`m still laughing about that line.. Pavel WAS REALLY holding it upside down.. :)))))))))))))))))))))

Aaaanyway, it isn`t over yet, but it`s enough for tonight. Tomorrow.. the third and last part. :)

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