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The most ridiculous fear in life is the fear of being ridiculous

Halloween in traffic

HAPPY !!! I rock, I rock, I rrrrrrroooock ! :))) Took my driving exam.. how much do I rock ? A LOT. :))))) This was better than I`ve ever expected. Well fuck me, I can`t write a thing, _ADI_ is behind me and he`s laughin` his ass out… :)).. so I think this post will […]

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Can`t say ‘make it fast’, `coz I know it`ll last for hours. Can`t say ‘kill me’ `coz I don`t wanna die. Just.. leave me alone.

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Time changes, times change

Groovy moods following Audioslave in their dynamic musical trip. These guys are nothing but lascivious guitars and a heavenly voice.. Love `em, absolutely fantastic music. THIS is music, my friends.Not here to post a lot, just wanted to say that tonight 4 AM becomes 3 AM. Wheee, more sleep for us ( riiight ) ! […]

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Ordinary life

Right now I`m watching the Radio STAR enormous pencil I have in front of me, on the desk, as I hold my hair with my hand, beginning to bang my hand on Liquido`s Ordinary Life. This is one heck of a nice song.. not too deep, not too sound-appealing.. ‘Nice’ is just the right word. […]

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Cut everyone !

~ To be read on System Of A Down – Sugar ~ What would happen now if I would slice everyone in this fuckin` country into pieces ? But nooo… way too easy to die. First, I`d scratch their eyeballs with a needle, then I`d snip their veins, saw their fingers and incise their back […]

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Cut me ?

If I don`t manage to obtain my driver`s licence tomorrow…1. it means : a) I`m stupid b) I`m dumb c) I suck.2. I`m gonna cut them and feed them to the dawgs.them ∈ { eyes, lips, ears, hands, feet… tits }

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BREAKING NEWS !!!My first article is gonna be published in EgoPHobia.. I love that e-magazine, and I just.. did it, I made it from the very first try.. I`m so amazed.. :) The article is called ‘Chained rebel’ and I don`t know if I`m allowed to put it down here.. should I ask ? I`m […]

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Youth imitation

No, Sauce, you`re not allowed to laugh at this one, because it represents a real title with a real meaning. Ok, ok, just a little.. :)) Chokin` in my pain again, can`t breathe, starving weeds are circling around my wrists and neck. Hard to explain.. a constant sum of things I can`t divide or apprehend […]

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I`m ok. Sometimes lucid, sometimes insane; sometimes full of energy, sometimes close to death; sometimes runnin` and laughing, sometimes sleeping and dreaming of Cluj in the middle of the Physics class; sometimes banging my head after midnight, sometimes layin` in bed, suffering from head to toes; sometimes listening to Children Of Bodom and Sepultura, sometimes […]

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Advertisement for your country

This will also be posted… tomorrow, you`ve guessed. :)) So, we had to write an advertisement for our country as homework at English. Here`s what Andrew and I came up with. Must say Andrew`s insane, nothing more and nothing less. :))))))) ‘ Are you bored of the same wonderful vacations in the Caribbeans, the clean […]

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