Rebellion initiated

Today a man lost his job because of me. And again, today I lost my freakin` minds because of that man. Let me tell you what this is all about.

Last month, I won ( well, ‘won’.. :D ) some Cornisha taxi tickets with Csabi`s help. Each ticket was worth 50 RON. Everything went nice and smooth with them, until today, when Ioana and I decided to go home with a cab.. I had this one last ticket left, so I called for a taxi and they sent me car number 21. :) Man, I`m not even sure if I can laugh or smile or react in some way about this. We got to our destination, and I handed out the ticket to the driver. Then, the ‘phun’ part has begun.
He said those tickets weren`t valid anymore, he even started yelling that we should have told him about them from the beginnin`, for him to reject the drive. Ioana simply freaked out, she was all red and she couldn`t say a word, lookin` desperate at me.. Oh yeah, we had no money except that freakin` ticket this guy refused to accept because they ‘weren`t valid anymore’. I was tryin` to convince him that he was making a big mistake, that it`s all written on the ticket : ‘September – October’, all in vain.. Until I started yellin` myself, for Ioana`s great amazement : ‘ If you demonstrate you`re right, I promise I`m gonna give you the money, sir.’ He eventually asked through the radio, and the answer was that we were right.. He didn`t say anything more.. we just got out of the car, I slamed the door and moved on..
Ioana was so proud of me.. she told me she liked the way I was talkin` in those moments of disorder in which she was completely disorientated. She even enjoyed my yelling and the slamming part.. :))))))
Oh well, the things is, when I got home, I just had to tell everything to _ADI_ and Csabi.. and guess what Csabi did ? Talked to the guy`s boss and told her all the story.. I was guaranteed that that stupid driver won`t be having the same job tomorrow.. I was like.. WHAAAAT ? That was not what I wanted, but.. he messed with the wrong person.. I`m a rocker, I`m one of Csabi`s best friends and.. my name is Roxa, I lose temper easily.. Really.. wrong fuckin` person to mess with. :)))
Guess what`s on Saturday ?

I`m going thanks to Nick from Luna Amara… ” Ooooh, I`m so stupid.. wanna come to Paradise Lost ? ” .. and that`s how I ‘won’ myself a ticket. :)) Well, the thing is that I`m going with Mariusica and Atika on the way back ( hopefully ), but at the concert we`ll stick together.

I CAN`T WAAAAAAIT ANY LONGER !!! I wanna sing and bang my head and pogo on Luna Amara and Paradise Lost.. Let the rebellion begin.. in this weekend !

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  1. Whew! what a story, I promise I will never mess with you. Again you are one lucky thing. I am so jealous. But in a good way.. you know.. I don’t want to mess with you:P.

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