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This will also be posted… tomorrow, you`ve guessed. :))
So, we had to write an advertisement for our country as homework at English. Here`s what Andrew and I came up with. Must say Andrew`s insane, nothing more and nothing less. :)))))))
‘ Are you bored of the same wonderful vacations in the Caribbeans, the clean beaches with white sand and clear blue water ? Are you tired of Switzerland`s Alps, the clean white snow, good wine, hot whiskey and delicious ginger ? If the answer is yes, then you must come to Romania. We guarantee you won`t have a pleasant stay.
If you want to see dirty cliffs with mud and ugly gypsies picking up government protected plants to sell them for less than a dollar, then this is the place to be. We also include filthy resorts with smelling blankets and no bathroom at all. If you call in the next 24 hours, we will include a money-begging gypsy or a combo gypsy new-born for your relatives with no baby. For 99.99$ we can also offer typical Romanian babes around 16 years old, who can treat you really ‘nice’; if you are a male and you prefer boys or other creatures, no problem at all.
You don`t like the mountains ? We also have seaside; great hotels with cleaning ladies who you won`t get to see because they`ll probably be watching some Mexican daytime drama. We guarantee you won`t find another seaside with so many dead fish, dirty sand, garbage coming out of the water, and of course, restaurants with bad meat. If instead you prefer fast-food, we recommend Turbo chewing gum and Polar ice-cream, everlasting in the Romanian tradition. Don`t forget the concerts of the greatest Romanian artists, featuring Adrian Copilu` Minune, Vali Vijelie, Gutza, Romeo Fantastic from Tuberculeshti and Gigi cel Zbengos.
So, come to Romania, and find out that vacations are not only fun; they can also be full of stress and willingness to return to your country. Live the unique Romanian experience ! ‘
:)))))))) I don`t wanna know how my grade would have looked like for something like this. :))

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