I`m ok. Sometimes lucid, sometimes insane; sometimes full of energy, sometimes close to death; sometimes runnin` and laughing, sometimes sleeping and dreaming of Cluj in the middle of the Physics class; sometimes banging my head after midnight, sometimes layin` in bed, suffering from head to toes; sometimes listening to Children Of Bodom and Sepultura, sometimes only Audioslave and Delerium; sometimes rock, sometimes clubbing; sometimes not leaving the house a whole weekend, sometimes Bucharest; sometimes rain, sometimes sun.. :) That`s me. And I`m ok the way I am.
‘And to be yourself is all that you can do’, like Audioslave would say.. That`s what I say right now. I`m me and I`m happy with who I am. My mom`s words from last night keep coming to my mind : ‘You`re going down, you`re only going down as you grow up, I don`t know what`s going on with you or in that head of yours.’ .. Yes, it has affected me, until I managed to write, in only a minute, the most beautiful, abstract and yet depressing ‘good night’ I`ve ever written. :) The whole idea was that I`m gonna protect my nothingness with nothing and that I`m counting the nothings to eternity. Spooky, huh ? :) In Romanian it sounds a lot better, trust me…

Best friend number one.. Csabi and I at Star FM.

Best friend number two.. Adi.. and me, of course, somewhere near the citadel.

Along with my plant and Sauce, they`re all I have left, and I`m talking about true friends. Them and a guitar solo. Enough for me, enough for now. :)

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