Youth imitation

No, Sauce, you`re not allowed to laugh at this one, because it represents a real title with a real meaning. Ok, ok, just a little.. :))
Chokin` in my pain again, can`t breathe, starving weeds are circling around my wrists and neck. Hard to explain.. a constant sum of things I can`t divide or apprehend go way beyond my powers deep in my head. All I see is my face that already has a wrinkle in the middle of the forehead because of the repeated frownings.. It hit me today that the expression of my face is aggresive, full of rage, energy and pride, but only when I frown, and I FROWN, trust me, I even sleep frowned, with my fist closed under the pillow. Hm.. this visage of mine has been like this for years. Come to think of it, I had the same expressiveness since comprehensive school, when Marius, my dear deskmate, told me I look like a mad superhero.. all I needed was a mantle and some make-up.
So, is it true ? Am I that old ? I`m 18 and I feel like I`ve seen it all, but every day that passes by proves me wrong. Parents who abandon their kids to run off in some fuckin` wood to marry Robin Hood, mothers who leave home and don`t even answer the children`s phonecalls or messages, people who paint Hitler`s cross ( the svastic ) on a Jewish synagogue and then kill themselves, people who phuck on the first date… and no, they`re not at all far away.. they`re happening here, around me, right now, as I write these piffling words with, probably, no meaning for most of you.
Is this my youth ? Is this what surrounds me ? Sheesh. I feel old. Let the rage in me subside.. one day I`ll kill y`all frustrations out there in my mind.

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