My first article is gonna be published in EgoPHobia.. I love that e-magazine, and I just.. did it, I made it from the very first try.. I`m so amazed.. :)
The article is called ‘Chained rebel’ and I don`t know if I`m allowed to put it down here.. should I ask ? I`m confused. :P Anyway, I`ll post the link thowards it when it`ll appear.. that means a few days. :) I hope this is only the beginning.
…Aaaaand.. it`s out ! EgoPHobia #8 that is. You can read my article at the English section or here.

2 thoughts on “EgoPHobia

  1. I don`t know `bout the new generation.. but it`s one big step for me. I hope I`ll open some eyes along the way. :) Thank you.

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