Ordinary life

Right now I`m watching the Radio STAR enormous pencil I have in front of me, on the desk, as I hold my hair with my hand, beginning to bang my hand on Liquido`s Ordinary Life. This is one heck of a nice song.. not too deep, not too sound-appealing.. ‘Nice’ is just the right word. And it makes you feel nice too. Haven`t felt nice in a while.. now I do.
Why do I feel nice ? `Coz nice is random, and I ain`t feeling exactly in the special area tonight. I`m random, common, usual… NORMAL.. tonight. Without a tonight everything would have been so much better. Random means happy, up to a point, and I have this strange form of happiness drawing itself beyond every tiny inner piece of me.
Should have gone to Cage with Old, he told me he misses proper people. I`d give anything to know what he was talking about.. :) Well it`s kinda hard to open someone like Old, who always seems to tell you everything in such an abstract way.. like lettin` you guess the rest of it.. or even the whole fact. Aaaanyway, didn`t go out because I lack money. Second proposal of the night came from Sauce, some ride with the car, good laughing and brief stories.. turned him down, dunno why.. It`s not THAT late and.. it probably would have done me good to go out. Oh screw it, it`s Friday night and I`m home. Adi and Csabi are.. well, where ? Adi`s status says ‘Stepped Out’, Csabi has idle. Sauce is gone now, dunno where, Crin is online, but we don`t talk, again, dunno why. Oh look, here`s Kokutsa ( Lila ) telling me she has failed her driving exam.. ahaha.. :)))
Can you believe all the radom things I can write ? Told you I`m normal. :) And I live a quiet normal life, as well.
So, will mediocrity save me from loneliness ? `Cause stubborness, spirited mind, rage and energy sure keep me away from society. I should randomize more often.

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