Time changes, times change

Groovy moods following Audioslave in their dynamic musical trip. These guys are nothing but lascivious guitars and a heavenly voice.. Love `em, absolutely fantastic music. THIS is music, my friends.
Not here to post a lot, just wanted to say that tonight 4 AM becomes 3 AM. Wheee, more sleep for us ( riiight ) ! :) Actually, winter`s coming. The cold season in which everyone`s heart should be filled with love and giving, in which you should stick to your families during Christmas and run away from the city with a bunch of friends on New Year`s eve and of course, in which religion occupies and complicates everyone`s lives. Well, for me it`s gonna be the season in which I`ll freeze to death, be in a continuous coma because of the lack of sleep and of course, in which I`ll swear loneliness, Christmas, God… I hate winter. And I`m starting to hate the holidays that are approaching.. New Year`s eve.. the night of memories.. that`s gonna be the longest post of this goddamn year, the review. Must say I feel pretty accomplished about what I`ve managed to do this year, pulling some strings or not. :) No need to start posting them now, their time will come.
Sooo, just wanted to tell you that winter`s knocking on our doors. Judging by the temperatures, you wouldn`t see it coming, but you can feel it in the wind, it cuts your skin like a razor`s edge. And the leaves.. none of `em are green anymore.. and they`re more layin` dead on the footpath than hanging in the trees… such a yellowish swishing carpet. I watch the sad landscape from the window, staring at the void, and the wind keeps cluttering my hair.
Clutter my soul as well, blow everything in it away.. Reduce the world to silence for an hour tonight. Make them stop and think, dear wind. Let them know the times are changing, not only the time.

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