Halloween in traffic


I rock, I rock, I rrrrrrroooock ! :)))
Took my driving exam.. how much do I rock ? A LOT. :))))) This was better than I`ve ever expected. Well fuck me, I can`t write a thing, _ADI_ is behind me and he`s laughin` his ass out… :)).. so I think this post will be continued once I get home.. to peace and quiet. :) Bye for now.
Home, finally.. So, lemme tell you. I got there at about 9 o`clock and spent 3 fuckin` hours out in the cold until my turn to go in came.. Alphabetical order sucks, being placed at the end sucks even more. Oh well, I had the questionnaire nr. 9, I thought it was pretty easy, but I didn`t wanna spoil everything sayin` it was, so I shut my mouth and silently waited for the results, freezing to death. Meanwhile, poor ol` Sauce came to morally support me. Thank you man, it meant a lot. :) He was the one who did the countdown with the files.. and all I remember now is his white jacket in which I got hugged.. :))))) After freezing another two hours, went driving with the same guy my dad argued last Thursday.. oh well.. :)))) IT WAS SO COOL !! He`s so smart, I had the lines, I knew the driving rules, who cared about the car that came right after the corner of the road, who cared about the two old ladies ? :))))) I managed to do everything by the book. Damn, I`m too happy.. waaay too happy. I`m carefree now. CAREFREE. ME. Can`t believe it.
Well, I wanted to post this for a long time now. Another proof of human stupidity. Has nothing to do with my happiness. This can go in the ‘is there anything left to save ?’.. It`s phunny :P.

You can find this ‘commercial’ on my very own block.. sheesh. ‘Products .. + other products..’ Oh come on ! This is if you close your eyes : ‘S.C. Pink Panther’.. Gimme a break.. :))))))

Fuck them, I`m a driver. :)))))))

6 thoughts on “Halloween in traffic

  1. Thank you again, Sauce ! You`ve really been there for me. :) Hug !
    …Aaaand thank you, forest of rain.. :) Sure you can, just because I took it with a cute smart guy doesn`t mean the others don`t suck big time. :)))) So go ahead, do your thing. :P Can I watch ?

  2. I’m a fresh driver, as well.

    It was funny like hell obtaining it. I did some mistakes by pressing the brakes quite hard. I almost knocked the examinator’s head down to the main window.


    But… guess what?
    I don’t give a damn about it.
    I’m a driver NOW.

  3. Aahahhaha.. :)))))) You rock ! Good thing they gave you the pink plastic thingie.. What city are you from ? To know not to go there. :)))))) I mean.. you and me both out there on the streets.. no way ! :))

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