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Counting pupils like sheep to the rhythm of the late strike

The original title belongs to A Perfect Circle – Counting Bodies Like Sheep To The Rhythm Of The War Drums, a song on which I almost broke a pencil today imitating the ‘rhythm of the war drums’.. ( won`t mention a thing about past pencils :P ) :) This song is chaos, it mainly represents what goes on nowadays in the educational system.. the one our formmaster laurels so much. They`re on strike, so is our school, since Tuesday. We went to classes Monday because the principal didn`t sign a paper.. Ok, that was stupid.
We`re caught somewhere between the teachers` bucolic manifestation and the government`s ignorance.. Some of us waste money, others nothing, and us, the pupils waste our time.. Not fair, not fair. Hope we won`t be spending our Christmas retrieving lessons, I`d be too pissed off to be myself. :)
Forget these imbecilities ( which will happen anyway, no need for me to express my point of view here.. ), and let me tell you some funny parts about not going to school. But later, I guess, _ADI_`s calling me out ( third time I have to get dressed today… ). BBL. :)))))
Hmso.. back.. Fuckin` cold, man, this sucks, winter sucks, autumn as well, I hate it, I can`t stand the cold, and it`ll only get colder.. `till they`ll have to amputate my hands and cut my nose for they`ll freeze to death. Aaaanyway, promised some funny happenings.
Should I start with Monday, when we skipped all our classes ? Wrote on the blackboard STRIKE ( GREVA ), we even coloured the letters and bolded `em; near it, we wrote ‘Down with Tariceanu !’ ( ‘Jos Tariceanu !’ ), ‘See you on 17.06.2006’ ( ‘Ne vedem in 17 iunie 2006’ ) and my favourite ‘If not you, then us’ ( ‘Daca nu voi, atunci noi’ ).. Aahhahahahahaha :)))))) We`re a bunch of complete morons.. What I still don`t understand is the Tariceanu issue.. but oh well :))) Imagine a whole bunch of people running off from school from ALL our classes, leaving behind an unlocked door with a blackboard full of the things written above. :))))) Of course, our beloved imitation of lifeform, as in our formmaster, got extremely pissed off. :> She even called Crina and Dogar home ( oh yeah, the most defenseless people ever.. ) to threaten with some grades.. can you believe that ? Ceaushescu, go away, take your ghosts with you !
Second funny thing.. ain`t quite A THING. Happens each time the gang is complete : me, _ADI_ and Csabi.. :)))))) Location : Tg. Mures, Romania, STAR FM; Time : almost each night between 7 and 10 PM. Picture this : during the times when Csabi doesn`t speak, we laugh. Not a common laugh, though.. I usually start, `cause I laugh about every dumb thing, usually being freakin` tired at that hour.. :) Then Csabi starts doing the ‘miaaaauuuuu’ thing he always does when he hears the sound of me laughing. _ADI_ has this… staccato way of laughing, and there he goes too, after hearing Csabi. Then again, me, laughing at the way Adi`s laughin`, Csabi laughin` at the way we both laugh, imitating us.. everything ends up in chaos ! And I mean it ! Abnormality goes even further : biting, lickin`, kickin`, punching, pinching, fighting with Pepsi, runnin` away with Csabi`s paper while he`s reading the text on air.. ALL FUCKIN` INSANE ! :)))))))
Good times with good friends, wonderful people.. But like someone I appreciate says.. ‘there`s always a shadow hanging on.’
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2 Responses to “Counting pupils like sheep to the rhythm of the late strike”

  1. boyarul

    Trust me.

    Nobody’s counting anything.
    It’s the war between the blind ones (teachers) & the deaf ones (the gov).

    Hope to be a victory on teachers side, or, at least… a defeat.
    But not a guilty silence.

    Cheers !!!

  2. Roxa Trutza

    Anyway, mister, we`re in the middle of each part`s craps. :) And we`ll be the most fucked after all this is over.

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