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Cage experience

Hmsooooo… sorry for the time I didn`t post anything, but I started some Romanian blog on yahoo 360… I`ll post it on the links section, if any of you is interested.
Guess what I did on Friday.. No. Mno, not even close. C`mon guys, some of you should guess it. :) Besides getting drunk with two Tuborg Strong beers, I was with Bandean, Cotoara and Pavel ( the three rock princes in my class ) in Cage, a pub which on Friday night has this special rock night.. :) It was awesome.. Can`t even describe it in words. The euphoria the alcohol provided me with only inhibited the pleasure and joy ( or not ? ), wish I was more sober to enjoy it. I couldn`t even feel my tongure right, it was like I went to a dentist and my whole mouth was under anesthesia. Fortunately, it was enough to speak, sing, smoke and drink even more. :)) Funny how wasted I got with only two beers. I was too tired. Loud music, good guitars, lovely rhythm.. no pain, no stress, just me and the guys, holding each other and banging our heads on Metallica, Judas, Maiden, Nightwish, Helloween, Ramms.. God, can`t wait for round two. :)
We`re still on some mini-holiday because of the teachers` protests, this is the second week, and I hope it`ll still last for a couple of days more, this is too fun. No maths, no info, no nothing, just going out, driving and being around _ADI_.. something weird is going on, wish I knew what, but he treats me so different.. Fuck knows what happened in just a few days, but that`s not the _ADI_ I know. :) The relationship between us has always been special, but I feel like things start to go way beyond friendship… and I`m lettin` it happen. Should I stop ? I don`t know. I`m so fuckin` confused about this… what on Earth should I stop ? I`m not the one doing anything…
*Smack* … Don`t ever say that again, Roxa.. you`re the one behind this, you provoke. Aw, go away, conscience. Go away and leave me alone…
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4 Responses to “Cage experience”

  1. Cougar Of All Trades

    are you sure those two beers didn`t prolongue their effect? or maybe you`re just a lil` bit more talkative than you usually are, and perfectly aware and in control of it. either way, hope it turns out good.

  2. Roxa Trutza

    I am talkative, I talk so much in real life when I`m in the mood, but sometimes I`m as silent as a graveyard at dusk. :P
    The effect is gone, I must have fell on my head or something…
    Hope so too. Thanks. :)

  3. mariuz

    I was in cage friday too , but i think it was only rock warm-up
    some 2-3 lame bands (Jon Bovi , and others)
    So in the end we reached to avi-cola after X-mas beers in Zha Kage

  4. Roxa Trutza

    Aha.. now it all makes sense. :P
    Anyway, hard rock and especially metal… only after 00:00.. kinda. :)

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