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For all the bloggers

Hey guys.. and I mean all of the people out there who actually read what I`m posting around here every now and then.
This is a post in which I`m letting you all know for the very first time that I`m ok. :) All the bad things that ever happened to me ( and trust me, there are a whole bunch of bad things to be mentioned here ) lead me here, feeling what I feel now, knowing what I know now, being who I am now. And a proof everything turned out to be just fine is that YOU are reading this, maybe not because you care about what`s really going on with me, but I`m sure at least… you`re interested, curious. :)
This new relationship I`m into, the one with my best friend for like.. three years now, shows its benefits from the very beginning. I`ve conquered again, but I`m slowly letting myself conquered. And yes, it seems the goof of all times I`m home today, wasting my time instead of being next to him, but I don`t feel stressed out that incredible unbelievable things will jump from just around the corner. He`s so simple, so sincere… like an opened book ready to be read… and I`ve been reading it for some time now. Now I`m writing it. :)
So, dear bloggers, I`m ok. Can`t say my anxiety and agony is gone, but those who know me sense a little more inner peace in me than usual times. Isn`t that right, Sauce ? :)
Thank you for reading this. Stay tunned `cause there`s a lot I haven`t told you. :)
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11 Responses to “For all the bloggers”

  1. Sauce


  2. Roxa Trutza

    Thank you man. For everything. :)

  3. Rainforest

    All right! Let’s drink to that! Enjoy the feeling. ;)

  4. Roxa Trutza

    :) Enjoy it while you can, huh ? :) Thank you too, rainforest :)

  5. ivett

    enjoy, enjoy, enjoy every moment from now on…it’ll be wonderful, believe me…:D

  6. Roxa Trutza

    I`ll do my best not to freak out like I always do :) Otherwise, big large thank you as well. :)

  7. mystique

    Nice to see happiness is out there somewhere [cuz in my case it doesn’t really show it’s “ugly face”].
    Good for you!! It’s good to be happy, right? ;)

    p.s: let me know, if in your case “to be ok” doesn’t mean “to be happy” :)

  8. Roxa Trutza

    You`ve guessed that right. Ok is just ok, happy is way above it. :)
    Dammit, managed to put the blog online.

  9. Cougar Of All Trades

    yeah.. well, all the good girls are taken. what the fuck.. nothing lasts forever but enjoy it while it lasts, kiddos.

  10. Roxa Trutza

    Well I`m the ‘good girl’ whose status isn`t ‘taken’. ( When I wrote this things were different :) ).

  11. Roxa Trutza

    * these, even

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