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Template crashed

This was so weird I don`t even know who`s the target for throwing the rocks : blogger.com because the error that came right after my links section was edited belonged to the site, or because RDS was the ‘best internet provider’.. again. :/ Anyway, I was pretty fucked up about it, didn`t know where to write, now that Dexter`s gift was stolen ( or lost.. can`t tell ).
Sooo.. without gettin` any answer from blogger.com, I started fixing it on my own.. Of course, I lost every edit I`ve ever made, so now the site seems a lot more simple than it was before, but nevermind, it`s the content that matters, not the appearance, right ?
Glad to be back. :)
P.S. Does anyone know where the ‘I`m online’ Y! Messenger button can be taken from ? :P
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4 Responses to “Template crashed”

  1. mystique

  2. Roxa Trutza

    I adore you. :)))))

  3. mystique

    I hope that works out, and if it doesn’t, here’s another link: http://messenger.yahoo.com/addpresence.php.

    p.s: Be sure you have the “Allow Yahoo web sites to show when I’m online” box checked in your messenger preferences ;)

  4. Roxa Trutza

    I`ve had that button before.. just didn`t know from where the hell I got it.. :)))))
    Thank you again.

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