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Oh, I remembered.. the thing that actually made me explode was History.. Oh wait, I didn`t tell you. It seems that tomorrow I`ll be going to school, because our beloved institution considered it`s best to return to school, inspite the fact that all the other highschools from our county and not only are still on strike. Did I ever mentioned I hate them ? Now I did.
So, History.. yeah, guess what, I wanted to learn the goddamn lesson for tomorrow to make sure the brainless creature ironically named formmaster gives me some grade above 4.. And guess what the lesson was about ? Educational system.. both in schools and universities.. I lifted an eyebrow, put on a devilish smile, closed the book, threw it on the desk and.. that`s it.
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6 Responses to “P.S.”

  1. Cougar Of All Trades

    heheheheh.. nice. bet you don`t get lessons like these too often, do you? make the most of them, you never know when you need the knowledge. (left) eyebrow lifted here as well..

  2. Roxa Trutza

    Forgot to mention I hate History ? And the unique person who`s teaching it :)

  3. Cougar Of All Trades

    history`s nice, if you have a good teacher. i`ve had my ups and downs with different history teachers (some of them brilliant, some of them.. just full of it) and still i managed to like it.

  4. Roxa Trutza

    Second week of the same lesson.. still can`t learn it. :) Am I doing something wrong ? Hating the teacher doesn`t mean hating the object..

  5. Cougar Of All Trades

    yep.. probably something`s wrong:). gimme a few general ideas, a few details about this lesson..

  6. Roxa Trutza

    Not relevant at this point. Thank God we have another one to learn for Wednesday. Bigger, longer.. and we`ll have a test too.. in which no one gets bigger grades than 2 and 3, no matter how complete your answer is. I`ve noticed something interesting that : the creature ( my formmaster ) gives me a 2 because I wrote SOMETHING.. and to another guy who didn`t write anything.. 3. Nasty.

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