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Monsters Of Transylvania

Oh GOOOOOD !!! Well, I have to sleep now, but I`ll tell you ‘in the morning’.. right. So, meet with my post in about 12 hours.. :)
Hm, so here I am, after eeeehm.. 12 hours and a few days :P.. School really started this time and knocked me off my feet again.. I freakin` hate waking up at 5:30 in the morning. But let me tell you about this festival.. First, here`s what it was all about :

Doesn`t ring any bell, right ? That was a big mistake coming from the main organiser ( Oli from Oli! Management ). He should have called at least one KNOWN band to gather some more people. Awkward.. only 300 people in a hall where 3000 could have done the ‘pogo’ without any kind of trouble. Aaanyway, me and the gang knew it from the very beginnin`, so it didn`t matter, we showed up. Dad even let me take the car for the very first time on my own.. imagine Bandean and Pavel`s reactions to that. :)))))) Thank God Cotoara wasn`t there too ( you`ll find out why in the end.. ). Well, some bands were ok, some weren`t. I didn`t like Gothic.. who despite their name sing some mixture between death and black metal.. no connection to goth whatsoever. Why I didn`t enjoy `em ? Firstly, because black and especially death.. let`s say.. just aren`t my type of metal. But on the other hand, who would like a group whose vocalist ends the concert with : ‘Our album is selling outside. It only costs 7 RON. Please buy it and help us continue !’.. Ahahahaha.. shame on you guys !

Then, I didn`t like Northen Lights from Turkey. Imagine these dark-skinned guys with too much hair-gel, dressed in white shirts.. This picture Atika managed to take is nothing compared to their bass player.. ( the good thing about the guy, though.. was his 6 strings bass guitar.. if he only knew how to use it properly.. :)) ).

All their songs had some Oriental influences.. bleah.. :) Well, they sang Maiden`s Trooper and leeeet`s say I forgive them. :)))

Iron Mask.. another great disaster.. :)))))))) And I freakin` mean it.. but this time, funny disaster. Pavel got a piece of paper with `em.. lovely drawings and art, some songs, lyrics.. First we laughed our asses out about a song called ‘Barabas’.. mwahahahahahaha.. :))))))))))) Chorus : ‘Barabas, Barabas…’ ( and there was something more but I can`t remember and Pavel`s not online to ask him =)) ). Second funny thing in that paper was the band`s presentation.. there was this guy.. ‘lead & backing vocals’.. :)))))))) Like what the hell ?! :))) In the same time ? WOW ! :))))))))) Well, the funniest thing.. when the guys showed up on the stage, surprise : their lead vocalist was actually some old, fat, bald guy who kept jumping with his hands up, unfolding his belly under his too short T-shirt.. Aaaahahahaha, he wasn`t even in that paper, Goddammit !!! How can we not laugh ? And the ‘lead & backing vocals’ guy that actually appeared in that crappy presentation was only grunting.. but very short.. you could imagine he did it just to spite the baldy, if you didn`t know any better. :)))))))) Anyway, their stateliness was horrible, and Pavel, with an urge to pee, distantly said : ‘Well.. I can piss on their music…’, got up and went to the bathroom.. Mwahahaha :))))))

I did like a lot Taine and Fading Circles.. even Tuzmadar from Hungary.. ( well Pavel enjoyed `em even more `coz they sang a few Helloween covers :) ). But I loved Phantom-X and Anvil !! Oh man.. the guitarist from Phantom-X got off the stage and came in the public to perfom a solo.. and I was right in front of him !! His guitar was lovely ( + it had a Porky Pig sticker on :)))) ).. and the people respected him. Well there was one funny guy who put a finger on the superb guitar and then had a childish smile upon his face, but nothing more.

..and with me, right in front of him.. Dammit, Atika, why the hell didn`t you come closer ? :) Phantom-X were so cool, but Anvil… pffffff.. I mean take a good look at this guy`s face :

You met Lips, the vocalist.. aaaahahahaha :))))) He was SO funny.. so cool, so simple, so not a star. And their music was lovely as well.. I mean they`re older than Metallica, dammit.. He sweared everything, he told a little story about one dog of his that came on his girlfriend`s foot ( with his ‘little pink crayon’ =)))))))))))))) ).. She yelled and he laughed.. aahahaha.. SICK !

After the show, I went to get autographes from the vocalist and guitar player from Phantom-X and well.. there was this guy asking for a signature on some ticket.. I think he was drunk or something, but we laughed our asses out.. He had this Beavis & Butt-Head voice & laughing, explaining the guitarist.. ‘Ăăăăă.. that is.. the proces verbal.. a ticket ! From the police.. hăhă.. For drinking.. fuck the police.. hăhăhă’.. Aahahahha :)))))

Afterwards, about a half an hour we talked to the funny looking guy from Anvil. He told me he sells packages with Mexican food.. burritos and stuff.. he delivers them to the kids.. so he`s a regular guy. :) Then he told me something about some dildo.. I said I don`t need it, I like the real thing ( I still can`t believe I said that ! :))) ). And in the end.. ‘Nice meeting you’ .. ‘Nice to be met’. :)))

Well, as I said, good thing Cotoara wasn`t there to laugh about me.. it took me 15 minutes to realise the car was using the handbrake.. Oooooh, THAT`s why it didn`t start and that`s why the tires were smelling so horrible ! Blonde… :))))

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12 Responses to “Monsters Of Transylvania”

  1. mystique

    lol, that was funny :). I’ll wait and see then.

  2. Roxa Trutza

    So much for 12 hours.. sorry.. :)))))))

  3. Cougar Of All Trades

    1530 zulu here, you still have 12 minutes of sleep:))))))))))))))..

  4. Roxa Trutza

    Aahahahhahaha :)))))
    Here`s the text, dammit.. :))

  5. Cougar Of All Trades

    taine are very good, i like `em too. but i disagree with you about northern lights.. yeah, oriental influences.. but they`re pretty good at instrumental concerts. anyway, wish i was there. i`m glad you guys had fun.

  6. mariuz

    Taine sang very well (artis looks a little like Jim Morrison) , I was impressed also the hungarians , ehh northen lights were so-so (I didn’t expected much from turkish band)
    What i liked was before they actually started playing the man at keyboard sang intro from “Imperial March” -Star Wars that was cool
    Yah they looked strange for us , yah and the voice …well artist sang like me when i’m good of nothing :average (and i do know when i stink at singing) . Guitarist looked good ,didn’t impressed me .
    Iron Mask – had the best guitarist from bands that performed in that night .
    Incredible (Yah i liked how fast and good it was )I liked the solo and some neo-classic style of him, Minus-es the vocalist it looked
    bald like me :P and fat (at least i’m slim)
    I liked the idea to be on stage with gloves
    (Maybe is the kid in me)

  7. mariuz

    The turkish vocalist was near me when guitarist from Iron Mask performed his
    solo , Maybe they learn-ed something :)
    Let’s go to the Lame rock:Phantom-X : If I ever reach on stage i don’t wan’t to look
    like them (blonde hair and silk …etc) I wan’t to be rough plain and simple
    Tough i liked the idea of metal claws :P and guitarist’s red ligt on the chest
    (X-mass tree)
    Intro was good , and i liked when guitarist went off stage , Maybe in future i will
    buy one with radio transmitter (You are quite free with it).
    And the Last band Anvil -They were impressive and did an great show – I liked the
    vocalist (He was really funny and that matters in an show) Bass guitar player was very good (he made a little show) He looks like me when i cut my hair (zero).
    Vocalist is a little crazy but is good and when he went with his guitar in the
    back of stage and performed “Jimi-Hendrix” effect that kicked a-s-s , What was missing was to burn his guitar :)
    Over all: even if they were 2-300 ppl , artist did their job very well and at
    least it was like an private party for us :P
    My revelation :Taine and I think Gothic + hungarians were very very good
    and yes the guitarist from Iron Mask (10+)
    Northen lights gave me an CD (Girl that filmed them) and i think we should applaude
    them – Yah they do have a lot to learn – But in an age when every one listen
    to crapp music (turkish + romanian mahnele) they try to wake up us and they did it for us
    Thank You All
    ps:Maybe they should move the rock festival in summer and with
    more sponsors (free entry) and more media noise (not only MTV.ro)

  8. mariuz

    atika got new pictures
    Yah the first one is me :P

  9. Roxa Trutza

    I know that`s you, Sica.. :)
    Anyway, Cougar : sorry, but Northen Lights weren`t at all as good as you say they are.. Maybe we have different tastes or their live performance wasn`t as bright as others.. Anyway, I heard they`ve had a car crash and they were one step away from not being in Romania in time.. Well, all the appreciations for their effort.
    Sica : I hated Iron Mask, I `m sorry.. :) and Gothic as well. I don`t give a shit about how the blonde guitarist from Phantom-X looked like.. he was awesome.. he had the best solo in the whole festival, and I`m sorry again if you disagree. Well, you had a lot to learn as a future vocalist from the concert from Anvil, I know.. :) Can`t wait to come to your rehersals.. whenever you invite me.. again :))

  10. mariuz

    Tonight, 5th of december, from 11 PM (romanian time) MTV Romania will broadcast inside LENTI CHIRIAC’s show “ROCKZONE”, some LIVE shots from “MONSTERS OF TRANSYLVANIA ROCKFEST 2005”.

  11. mariuz

    Yah about rehersals : Now i really have no band :)
    Before I had “no-name band” but don’t worry
    maybe i will find some ppl who i can work with (Hello anyone wants to make an band ?)

    They found an girl with better voice than me (friends or something) , Yah I suck at voice but I really don’t care
    I will learn guitar next year , and who knows maybe some voice lessons ;)

  12. Roxa Trutza

    Yeah, I`ve been told today.. I`m sorry.. :) But keep up the good work with the guitar..:) I truly admire people who know how to play one.. or who HAVE one. :)

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