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The most ridiculous fear in life is the fear of being ridiculous

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Here goes 2005`s review. > – got my driver licence – got my Cambridge diploma ( CAE ) – my first article got published in EgoPHobia e-zine – changed school, which turned out to be a good thing after all.. :) – discovered rock music and all that comes with it – seen Apocalyptica and […]

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2005 photo album – session 2

The pooh dog.. Csabi`s gift. Told you it`s freakin` huge. :) That`s the famous Morar Andrei, the author of so many pictures around here.. He`s only 1/2 rocker, not entirely converted, but it`s on our to-do list. :))) Oh, and in the last picture, you can see his nails and the reason they`re so famous […]

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Canon`s user manual

‘Troubleshooting : camera isn`t functioning. Reason : camera isn`t on. Solution : turn on the camera.’ No comment.

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Xmas and beyond

So.. hmwhat ? What if Santa was so giving this year ? My folks got me a classic guitar, Adi a TV tunner and Csabi a big pooh dog.. and I mean big ! Like a meter or so. :) I would have never imagined that coming from them.. I mean, yes, we`re friends, but.. […]

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New yahoo avatar

Told you I`m fine…

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Infinite lamentation

Sorry I`m away that long.. :) It`s just that these final weeks are putting a stop to my residual energy. One more week and there comes the weirdest time of the year.. Christmas and stuff.. I don`t know where to hide this year from the lack of money. I don`t even know what I want […]

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Frantic tick tick, tick tick tick tock

Don`t ask why I`m listening to St. Anger album. I only like this song and All Within My Hands. Like someone said, it`s like they`re continuously playin` with mom`s dishes. :))) Sooo.. yesterday the parents have gathered. Unaviodable thing.. our formmaster screwed both me and Bandean in the worst way possible. Why ? Does she […]

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Bleeding me…

Heh, I`m still kinda stuck on Tool, even if Metallica is shadowing all my thoughts and feelings.. God, this is worse than I ever thought it`ll be, and I`m talkin` `bout life lately. This schedule is going to kill me, but softly, slowly.. My head`s about to explode.. I`m surrounded by so much stupidity daily, […]

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Chaos released

Oh boy, this is a living hell. We have to solve 54 exercises at Math.. do I need to say I`m way too stupid for `em ? :)))) They`re really hard, thank God there is an Andrei who went to some teacher to solve all of them… Now I`m expecting the scanned images of all […]

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