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Bleeding me…

Heh, I`m still kinda stuck on Tool, even if Metallica is shadowing all my thoughts and feelings.. God, this is worse than I ever thought it`ll be, and I`m talkin` `bout life lately. This schedule is going to kill me, but softly, slowly.. My head`s about to explode.. I`m surrounded by so much stupidity daily, I think I`m gonna go insane.. not only at school ( even if the origin is still ingrown there ), but home as well.. I don`t know what happened to mom.. she`s freaking out because of school.. I don`t even wanna picture the atmosphere next year. It`s like the whole fuckin` world has gone insane, what the heck is going on, dammit ?
I wake up every day at 5:30 AM to get to school `till 7 AM ( screw you, 23 – that`s a famous bus line in my town ), then I should pay enough attention and be responsive to every lesson `till 4:20 PM.. then go home and study for next day, do all your homework, at all your objects, even study Religion, if I can… ( right. ). I should`t go out, write, watch a movie.. in other words, can`t freakin` relax `cause mom has this new freaky habit : she comes to tell me I should be in bed, sleeping at 10 PM.. and I`m like what the fuck ? What`s with the new rule ? I have enough trouble sleeping, this is gonna be too much.. I hate sleeping.. or at least at night. :P If I go to bed too early.. I`m tired as a shit the next day.. there`s plenty more energy when you don`t get to sleep that much.
On another hand, school. Goddammit, sometimes I wish to kill `em all. So many tests, so much fuss about nothing.. oh, and a meeting with the parents, tomorrow. Cotoara is fucked. And so am I. I swear I can`t take it anymore.
Ohhhhh, and my formmaster.. piece of rarity in the stupidity museum. Instead of helping us, she`s always against us, never knowing what she should inform us about.. all the things we should know about are being told by Lobi. What became of those people called teachers ? Well anyway.. can`t wait `till after the ‘reunion’.. I`m sooo curious about what she`ll say to my dad now.. they`ve heard enough about me last year, and so did I .. found out sooooo many things about myself I didn`t know.. :))))
Amazingly frustrated about everything.
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2 Responses to “Bleeding me…”

  1. Auras

    Chill, calm. I dunno what to say, I’m twelveth grade and I do not bother with not-interesting classes like religion, biology, computer-science, french, bla bla bla, only once or twice per month to learn at them. Is your mom a teacher? My dad’s a teacher and he has become stressed also since the strike.

  2. Roxa Trutza

    No, she`s not.. but she`s freaking out more than I do.. and I`m not that surprised.. I`m having troubles sleeping, as I said.. the night`s made for me, for living it, and daytime for sleeping.. and mom begins to panic because I think this way ya know..
    Twelveth grade ? Sucks :). I`ll post more about this, I think I didn`t give enough informations about it.. There are other sides and aspects to be considered.

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