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Frantic tick tick, tick tick tick tock

Don`t ask why I`m listening to St. Anger album. I only like this song and All Within My Hands. Like someone said, it`s like they`re continuously playin` with mom`s dishes. :)))
Sooo.. yesterday the parents have gathered. Unaviodable thing.. our formmaster screwed both me and Bandean in the worst way possible. Why ? Does she know we`re rockers ? I don`t get it.. :))) I mean.. I know she didn`t have anything to reproach to Pavel ( and Cotoara`s mom didn`t go ), and so we were the two left to play with. Aaanyway, can`t say it`s THAT bad, it`s just.. admirably stupid, that`s all. How can you pretend to be a good formmaster if you`re always against your class ? Not to risk an argue with the Religion teacher ( after we skipped Religion last Tuesday – we had to wait another hour only for Religion.. in which we should do.. what ? wait for what ? Jesus wasn`t coming to look busy. :P ), who made such a fuss about us leaving two hours earlier and skipping his class, she told him to write the truancies. As easy as that… but of course, at the meeting with the parents, she told them the catalogue is full of such things ( I`m ok at that chapter ). Aaaaaand, another stupid thing she did. Ahaha, makes me wanna laugh now, but when I heard it, made me wanna explode. She told my dad about Informatics and that the final exam at that object is obligatory. Good thing dad knows better than that.. :)) That`s what she understood.. I`m sick of her stupidity and the impression she`s so superior, at such a different.. higher IQ rank.. even above smarter teachers. Can`t stand her anymore. I`d wish I`d film her and share it with all of you guys, even if some of you ( old ) readers.. and colleagues already know.
And there are lotsa other stupidity examples I can`t take anymore. This world is fed up.. from the ordinary people who yell at you `cause they, seemingly, can`t sit RIGHT in the bus, to teachers, colleagues, parents, even close friends. Maybe I`m too bad-tempered and irascible, but this week has killed me. A bunch of other things useless to be written here happened. Just hoping I`m gonna live enough to forget.
Luckily there are things that seem to go well, without any trouble along the way. I promise a funny post and some pictures as soon as possible. :)
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5 Responses to “Frantic tick tick, tick tick tick tock”

  1. Auras

    Well, in one way it’s good that your form teacher is such an ass. Makes a good grand children’s story :). I remember my gymnazium form teacher, she was so severe. Not to mention my 1st-4th grade TEACHER!. OMG. Do you know what she did to me?! I had one of the worst handwritings in the class (maybe I wanna become a doctor, what did she know?) and she made a shame with me by going through different classes and making fun about my handwriting. WTF?! And it gets worse. My father was the principal of the school at that time. What a b..
    Anyway, it’s passed now. I’m lucky to have a great form teacher now.

  2. boyarul

    You’ll live enough to forget. Trust me. I’ve passed through all this things that you wrote, and even worse…

    There is a romanian sayng. “Sa nu-i dea Dumnezeu omului cat poate sa indure”.

    Smile !!! :D

  3. mystique

    i hate my form teacher too. She doesn’t even know me, and she keeps telling me I’m bad and I’m mean, and she told my mom that I never speak… And I was like “wtf??”. Today, she said: “there’s Andrea, upset as always” Geeez, and my sweet class mates always tell me that I’m the one who smiles the most in the class. Damn them, cause in this moment I couldn’t care less.

    p.s: If we would worry about what everyone else around is saying.. we’d be doomed :-S

  4. mystique

    Oh, when I said “Damn them” I meant the form teachers, not the class mates :D

  5. Roxa Trutza

    Auras : heh.. reading what you wrote here, I think that I should stop complaining.. :)) But remembering everything over again, fills the volcano with lava.. if you know what I mean.. :))
    Boyarul : God ? :))))….
    Mystique : let`s organize some mass form teachers attacks. >:)

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